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 Braille coin and Braille Readers are Leaders

Marc Maurer
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Terry Bradshaw
Hall of Fame Quarterback

Michael Hingson
Motivational Speaker
Braille Reader

Dr. Abraham Nemeth
Professor Emeritus
Inventor of the Nemeth Code
Braille Reader

The Honorable Pat Schroeder
Executive Director, Association of American Publishers
Former Member of Congress

Dr. Geerat Vermeij
Professor of Geology, University of California at Davis
Braille Reader

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January 4, 2009, Special Edition


	A Note from Dr. Fred Schroeder

	Today we celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of
Louis Braille. We celebrate not only his life but also the countless
lives impacted by the code that bears his name. 

	Through his creation of the Braille code, Louis Braille equipped
the blind with an essential tool for independence and success. He
empowered us with the knowledge that we could compete on the basis of
equality, and for the first time in history, he afforded us the
opportunity to both read and write. Long before the NFB began shattering
misconceptions about blindness, Louis Braille began the process of
changing what it means to be blind. 

	Now, some two hundred years later, as we celebrate how far we
have come, we must also remember how far we have to go. As we celebrate
Braille's birth and advance the Braille Readers are Leaders literacy
campaign, we urge you to support the NFB's Braille literacy initiative
in any way that you are able. Whether it is through purchasing an
NFB-Braille Commemorative Coin, providing matching funds for the Braille
literacy campaign, attending Braille events, or simply helping to raise
awareness of this important issue, we hope that you will join us in our
efforts to end the Braille literacy crisis. 



	Exciting News in Honor of Louis Braille's Birthday

	Save the date!  The Louis Braille Commemerative Coin Launch is
scheduled for March 26, 2009. 

	Need Braille Books? Want to get rid of old Braille books?
Wondering how to build your Braille book library? Want to help get more
books into the hands of blind children? We are pleased to announce that
is ready to meet all of your Braille book needs. Experience the NFB
ShareBraille revolution! A special thanks to our friends at the Wal-Mart
for helping us make  NFBShareBraille.org possible. 

	Leaders thrive in the face of challenge.  Today, the National
Federation of the Blind is pleased to announce that, in honor of our
Braille Readers are Leaders Literacy Campaign, each regional competition
of the 2009 Braille Challenge
will be provided with a certificate to be awarded to one young Braille
reader who has met the challenge.  This certificate will be redeemable
for a United States Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar courtesy
of the National Federation of the Blind because Braille Readers are



	Be a Part of the Louis Braile Bicentennial Celebration

	Look for Louis Braille celebratory NFB events in your area
. While the majority of events will take place January 4, many more
celebrations will occur later in January and throughout the year. Be
sure to check the events site regularly. 

	As always, please encourage people to join this campaign list
. This campaign is an excellent vehicle for us to build our list of
individuals who want to learn more about Braille, want to help with
Braille literacy, or are interested in buying coins. Every new
subscriber is another opportunity for us to share our message, a message
that carries with it the hopes and dreams of a future filled with
equality and opportunity for every blind American. 
	Cut and paste this link to join the NFB-Braille Commemorative
Coin and Literacy Campaign: http://tinyurl.com/6jdajq

	Follow the Braille Literacy Campaign on Twitter
. Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to
communicate through e-mail and texting quick frequent answers to one
question: What are you doing? Now, when you are asked, "What are you
doing?" you can answer, "Making Braille literacy a reality for all blind



	The Impact of Braille

	Watch the video Braille: Unlocking the Code
In this the exciting new video, the history and importance of Braille is
explored with commentary and insights from successful Braille readers.  



	Youth Writing Contest

	The NFB Writers Division is hosting a Youth Writing Contest to
promote Braille literacy and excellence in creative writing. Entries
will be judged on creativity and quality of Braille. We are looking for
creative writing, in the form of fiction and poetry. There is no charge
for entering. This is a contest for students who use Braille. Entries
must be submitted in hand embossed Braille, either on a slate and stylus
or on a Braille writer. No computer Braille entries will be considered.
Submissions must be Brailled by the entrant. Elementary students (K-5)
may submit contracted Braille, uncontracted Braille, or an acceptable
combination of the two. Students in higher grades will be expected to
submit stories or poetry in contracted Braille. There are six
categories: Elementary Fiction; Elementary Poetry; Middle School
Fiction; Middle School Poetry; High School Fiction; High School Poetry.
The Elementary category includes grades K-5, the Middle School category
includes grades 6-8, and the High School category includes grades 9-12.
The contest begins January 1, and all entries must be postmarked by
April 1. There will be three cash prizes for each of the six categories.
First prize per contest is $25.00, second prize is $15.00, and third
prize is $5.00. Submissions for fiction may not exceed one thousand
words, and poetry submissions may not exceed twenty lines. Authors may
submit multiple entries, and all work must be original and unpublished.
Each entrant must provide an identical print copy for possible
publication. Entries must be accompanied by a cover sheet containing
entrant's name, address, phone, e-mail, title of the entry, school, and
grade of entrant, and winners will be announced at the Writers Division
meeting during the 2009 NFB National convention held in Detroit,
	Send entries to Fred Wurtzel, 1212 N Foster, Lansing, Michigan
	Questions? Contact Fred Wurtzel at f.wurtzel at comcast.net
<mailto:f.wurtzel at comcast.net>  or 517-485-0326 








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