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Arundel Mills Slots has job openings to start in the Spring. Applications are being accepted at "Arundel Mill Slots" for full and part-time jobs. Also when I looked at the sites I saw that Arundel Mills Stores has jobs listed, though they don't say which jobs. Go on-line to investigate this opportunity! 

Mary EllenThompson 

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   1. Four Tickets to Give Away! (William and Bernadette Jacobs) 
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Hello All! 

Valerie, could you please see that this is circulated amongst the MSB staff as well please?   

I have a "Give-Away" for anyone interested!  Last week Wednesday, I called in on a radio contest, of course, thinking I wouldn't even get in.  I was the tenth caller and knew the answer of the question.  They wanted to know what would cost $101,000.00.  Of course, earlier that hour it had been announced that this was the total cost of all the gifts of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  Answering the question correctly, the guy informed me that I was the winner of four tickets to see Charles Dickens' "The Christmas Carol" at the Meyerhoff.  However, he did not tell me that the concert was on the 16th of December till after the fact.  unfortunately, however, this conflicts with the NCB's Staff Christmas Party, which, of course, Bill and I will be in attendance, thereof.   

Bottom line here is: if anyone would like these tickets, please email me at: bandbjacobs at verizon.net or call me at: 410-455-5311 and we can work out the details.   



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Tracey Hall-Hennigan 
Braille Technician 
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Braille Services Branch 
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Email: tracey.hall-hennigan at ssa.gov 

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