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spclarke rainbows719 at aol.com
Tue Oct 25 22:39:03 UTC 2011

This is the message I posted on the Ellen DeGeneres' Show's Facebook page about the woman using binoculars in her audience:

About woman with binoculars...people with visual disabilities use binoculars to see things that are far away...please think before you decide to pick on someone...when you pick on someone who stands out for the way they look or the way they behave you are giving bullies a great example to follow so they can hurt more people just because they don't fit into the "norm"...Thank you Tony for saying th...at you didn't notice the woman...I am sure she was just trying to enjoy the show more...she wasn't at the wrong show and shouldn't have been at the opera instead but if she heard what you said about her and saw what you did to mock her she may be questioning her decision to go to your show...I know you are not a malicious person...just be more careful with your words and actions...Thank You!

This is the response to my message by I assume a viewer of the show:

Ellens show is a comedy talk show. Since the show has been on she picks random people from the crowd and will make jokes about the way they dance, facial expressions, etc. I'm sure anyone who is going to be a studio member of the audience w...atches her show on a regular basis and knows this about ellen. She wasn't picking, she was doing what she does best. You say she shouldn't pick on people, maybe you shouldn't be so sensitive. 

I think this is an example of what we are up against as people with disabilities.

Sue-Ellen Clarke

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