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On 9/21/11, Ringlein, Ellen <ERinglein at nfb.org> wrote:
> Fellow Federationists,
> On Thursday, September 22  Maurice Peret, a Greater Baltimore chapter
> member, will be participating in a story telling event, which is free to the
> public.  He will be sharing his experiences with Erik Weihenmayer's climb to
> Mount Everest .  Erik was the first blind person to climb the highest
> mountain in the world and Maurice was part of the base camp support team.
> To hear more about this exciting story and support one of our own, please
> come out tomorrow.  We will also have some information about blindness and
> the NFB available at this event.  Details are below
> Ellen  Ringlein
>  Join us for a free show in Center Plaza on Thursday, 9/22 at 5:30 p.
> In this outdoor performance we'll feature tales about confronting and
> overcoming obstacles to achievement. Storytellers include participants in
> The Black Male Identity Project, who will share experiences about challenges
> in the black male community.
> *Center Plaza is located between Charles &
> Liberty St., and between Lexington & Fayette St. (Where the old & new BGE
> building is. Also on the plaza: Brick Bodies Fitness Club & Kings
> Garden Café)
> (Because it apparently rains 9 out of every 10 days now, it may very well
> pour.
> Check stoopstorytelling.com<http://stoopstorytelling.com> or follow
> @thestoop on Twitter for rain date info if the weather looks iffy.)
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> Double-crossing and two-timing. Shame and success. Epiphanies that happen
> just in time...and others that don't. Blood, sweat and tears--and lots of
> laughs. Each Stoop show features seven storytellers who get seven minutes
> each to tell a true, personal story about a specific theme. No notes, no
> scripts, no actors--just true stories, artfully told.
> Stoop storytellers are writers, dog-walkers, scientists, poets, moms,
> manicurists, museum directors, waitresses, TV hosts, taxi drivers...and you!
> During each Stoop show, a few lucky audience members get the chance to tell
> three-minute stories on stage. And The Stoop is always looking for
> storytellers for upcoming shows. If you've got an idea for a story or a
> theme, send a few brief sentences about it to
> info at stoopstorytelling.com<mailto:info at stoopstorytelling.com>.
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> Laura Wexler, Producer and Co-host
> [cid:image003.jpg at 01CC777B.2EDDC3B0]Laura Wexler is the author of Fire in a
> Canebrake: The Last Mass Lynching in
> America<http://www.fireinacanebrake.com/> (Scribner, 2003), and a senior
> editor at Style Magazine<http://www.baltimorestyle.com>. She teaches in the
> graduate creative writing programs at Johns Hopkins
> University<http://www.jhu.edu/> and Goucher College<http://www.goucher.edu/>
> and is a member of the Baltimore Improv Group<http://www.bigimprov.org/>.
> Jessica Henkin, Producer and Co-host
> [cid:image004.jpg at 01CC777B.2EDDC3B0]Jessica Henkin has a master's degree in
> special education from Johns Hopkins University and serves as an early
> intervention community-based resource teacher for Baltimore County. She
> hones her theatrical improvisation skills, first developed with the Upright
> Citizens Brigade Theatre<http://www.ucbtheatre.com/ny/>, with the Baltimore
> Improv Group<http://www.bigimprov.org/>.
> Mike Subelsky, Web Developer and Stage Manager
> [cid:image005.jpg at 01CC777B.2EDDC3B0]
> Mike is a programmer and entrepreneur<http://www.subelsky.com/>. He
> co-founded the Internet startup company OtherInbox<http://otherinbox.com>
> and is an organizer of Ignite Baltimore<http://ignitebaltimore.com/>. And
> he's married to Stoop co-host Laura Wexler!
> Glenn Dellon, Graphic Designer
> [cid:image006.jpg at 01CC777B.2EDDC3B0]Glenn is the founder of Dellon Design, a
> creative studio in Mt. Vernon working on projects across a range of media
> including print, web and architectural. He has degrees in art history, fine
> art, graphic design, and publication design. Glenn is really into
> collectibles, light blue, and cohabitation.
> Aaron Henkin, Radio Liaison
> [cid:image007.jpg at 01CC777B.2EDDC3B0]Aaron spends his time producing the
> radio program "The Signal"<http://www.signalradio.org/> on 88.1 WYPR-FM and
> fathering the children of Stoop co-host Jessica Henkin. He is also the owner
> of a used car that formerly belonged to Stoop co-host Laura Wexler.
> The Stoop Would Like To Thank
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>  *   Creative Alliance<http://creativealliance.org>
>  *   Style Magazine<http://baltimorestyle.com/>
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>  *   The Signal<http://signalradio.org/>
>  *   Conscious Corner<http://theconsciouscorner.com/>
>  *   Red Tree<http://www.redtreebaltimore.com/>
>  *   Minas Gallery and Boutique<http://www.minasgalleryandboutique.com/>
>  *   Ignite Baltimore<http://www.ignitebaltmore.com/>

Maurice Peret, NOMCT
National Orientation & Mobility Certifier Trainer

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