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From: Richard Seltzer [mailto:seltzer at samizdat.com]
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Subject: 11 new book collections now available as downloads

I'm continuing to convert our book collection CDs and DVDs to downloadable files.  These are large, organized collections of related books, in plain text (.txt) format. These books can be read on Windows PCs, Macs, and the blind can use them on devices that convert text to voice or to Braille.  You can also upload individual book files to most e-readers (Kindle, Kobo, and Sony, but not Nook), but that is a slow and awkward process.  For PC and Mac, when you unzip, all the sub-folders and files are located in the same folder and you can use the index document to click and open the individual books, or you can browse through the files and open the books directly using any word processor or web browser. Each book is a separate file that you can edit, print, highlight, or take excerpts from; and each sub-folder has the works of a particular author or books on a common topic. In other words, you can creatively control these files on your PC or Mac.  None of the major ebook retailers having offerings of this kind.

We continue to sell our CDs and DVDs (nearly 200 of them) at our Yahoo Store http://samizdat.stores.yahoo.net/

Our downloadable collections, which we call "Virtual Library Packages", are available at our Quench Editions store http://samizdat.com/quencheditions/

This week I added 11 such packages, all of them history books:

History -- 2345 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/history.html>
subsets of History, available separately:

  *   British History -- 262 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/britishhistory.html>
  *   French History -- 181 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/frenchhistory.html>
  *   Australian History -- 56 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/australianhistory.html>
  *   Canadian History -- 84 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/canadianhistory.html>
  *   History of Exploration -- 112 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/exploration.html>
  *   US History -- 996 books for $29.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/ushistory.html>
  *   subsets of US History, available separately:
     *   Colonial and Revolution -- 151 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/revolution.html>
     *   Civil War History -- 176 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/civilwar.html>
     *   Black History, Slavery, and Abolition -- 121 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/blackhistory.html>
     *   Native American History -- 94 books for $9.99<http://www.samizdat.com/quencheditions/nativeamerican.html>

This store is open for business, for pre-launch testing and fine-tuning.  The official launch will take place later this month.

Meanwhile, this week's Free Ebook of the Week is "Bill Nye's Comic History of England" and the Kid's Book of the Week is At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald. I send these out as email attachments.  Please let me know if you'd like me to add you to either or both distribution lists and whether you'd like .txt, .epub, or Kindle format.

Suggestions always welcome.

Please spread the word.

Best wishes.


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