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These are some great ideas to get our name out to the community; 
please read!

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I am cleaning out old files and ran across an idea I developed in 
2003 for a local festival in the Fells Point neighborhood.  One 
problem that I've noticed when helping out at NFB booths is to 
get the public to stop and talk, not just look at us and keep on 

Idea #1: Having a challenge helped a lot to bring people to the 
booth and get them to stop long enough we could talk with them.  
Once you get some people to stop  you look popular, so more 
people stop.  To add to our usual "Braille your name for free" 
give-away stickies, we used a poster we placed to face the crowd.  
I am sure you Federationists can guess what we worked into the 
conversation about alternative techniques and accessibility as we 
did a demo of these no-cost or low-cost alternatives and 
techniques to get around not seeing.  Here's the poster with some 
notes on the props I recommend.

Hey Fells Point,
Try some of our Challenges-

1.       Build a tower of blocks.  [To keep them on the table, 
well mostly, the tower was built inside a large cake pan.]

2.       Learn to read and write A-B-C in Braille.

3.       Tell the difference between nickels, dimes, quarters, 
and pennies.

4.       Pour perfectly 1 teaspoon of vanilla.  [Beforehand you 
bend a teaspoon so it turns into a dipper and place some vanilla 
in a baby food jar.  Show the narrow-neck store-bottle with a 
normal teaspoon but hide the alternative setup under a napkin - 
Tah Dah!]

5.       Dial a phone [or these days, demo using an iPhone]

6.       Play checkers or chess.

In the past when I lived in Iowa, I've posted signs over NFB 
booths that asked other how-to questions.  It is important that 
at least the lead question is in very large print and there is 
plenty of white-space between items on your list, so folks 
walking by can read it easily.

Idea #2: Thanks to modern computer programs for making your own 
business cards, a chapter could create a card give-away that 
says, "For information on blindness, contact us." And fill in the 
local contact information.  The other side of the card could be 
blank or could list some "challenge" questions to make the card 
more than just a name, motto, and website.  Perhaps people would 
use the questions to stump their family and friends, which would 
get our name out in the community even further in a good way.


Lorraine Rovig
NFB member since 1975

P.S.  You can help us help blind Americans: Text the letters NFB 
to 85944 to donate $10 to the NFB Imagaination Fund via your 
phone bill.

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