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Wed Oct 30 14:34:07 UTC 2013

I forward this for chapter members in case you have questions.

Dear Baltimore Chapter NFB members:

            My name is Kirsten Robb-McGrath.  I work with the IMAGE Center
for People with Disabilities and I am an assister with Maryland Health
Connection, the new health insurance marketplace.  I will be coming to the
November chapter meeting to discuss the changes the Affordable Care Act has
created for health insurance.  The new law is complex so we'd like to
solicit questions in advanced in order to be better prepared to give you the
answers you need.

So, send your questions to me at:

krobbmcgrath at imagemd.org or by phone at 443-650-8011

The following is a brief summary of Maryland Health Connection and the
changes that could affect you.  

            Have you heard about Maryland Health Connection? This is our
state's new health insurance marketplace where you can shop, compare, and
enroll in quality health coverage.  It is important to have health insurance
because of possible injury or illness.  With lack of coverage, medical bills
can add up, drain your bank account and cause you to have to file for
bankruptcy.  Maryland Health Connection has established new regulations to
help cover a wider range of people throughout the state of Maryland with
differing circumstances.  

Maryland Health Connection offers enrollment into Medicaid as well as
Qualified Health Plans. Medicaid is a low to no cost health insurance
program that is federally funded.   Qualified Health Plans are health
insurance plans that offer the same essential benefits as other plans while
agreeing to charge the same amount on Maryland Health Connection as the open
market.  Due to the Affordable Care Act Medicaid has made some changes to
their regulations including: 

*         Expanding coverage from 133% of Federal Poverty Level to 138%
Federal Poverty Level

o    Meaning a single individual making less than $15,856 will now be

*         Individuals currently enrolled in Primary Adult Care program will
automatically be enrolled into full Medicaid benefits beginning January 1,

o    For individuals currently enrolled in Primary Adult Care nothing needs
to be done, in January you will be contacted if you would like to make
changes to your Managed Care Organization

*         Youths who have aged out of the foster care system will now be
eligible for Medicaid until age 26, regardless of income.  

Other advantages the Affordable Care Act has offered have been financial
assistance to those enrolled in Qualified Health Plans. The two types of
assistance are: 

*         Advanced Premium Tax Credits: which help with premium costs to
households between 138%-400% Federal Poverty Level

o    This credit can be taken in three different ways, all up front, partial
throughout the year, or when you file your taxes.  

*         Cost Sharing Reductions: helps with co-pays, coinsurance, and
deductibles and are available to households between 138%-250% Federal
Poverty Level 

Once again if you have any questions please feel free to email or call me at
the information provided below.  Thank you.


Kirsten Robb-McGrath 

Maryland Health Connection, Assister

The IMAGE Center for People with Disabilities, Independent Living Specialist

krobbmcgrath at imagemd.org  



Kirsten Robb-McGrath 

Independent Living Specialist 

The IMAGE Center for People with Disabilities 

300 E. Joppa Rd., Suite 302

Towson, MD 21286 
Main Office Phone: 410-982-6311
Fax: 410-372-4037 
Email: info at imagemd.org


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