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Hello everyone:

I think that we would all do well to participate in this project that MTA is conducting to try to improve bus service. Please see the blog post pasted below. It is also available here:

Please give MTA your feedback and/or consider attending one of the public meetings.


Chris Danielsen

Living the Transit Life<http://marylandtransitadministration.blogspot.com/?m=1>
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Hop on board - here's your chance to help MTA build a better bus system
[Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vAULmR1ytY0/UjngDiDn50I/AAAAAAAAAV4/6U_K7f81sPE/s1600/BNIP+SQUARE+LOGO.JPG]<http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vAULmR1ytY0/UjngDiDn50I/AAAAAAAAAV4/6U_K7f81sPE/s1600/BNIP+SQUARE+LOGO.JPG>

Guy Henderson

The Maryland Transit Administration is looking to improve our approach to bus service in a big way, and we need your input to make sure that we come to the right conclusions. With your help, we're out to create a whole new level of service and satisfaction for everyone who counts on MTA buses.

The MTA Bus Network Improvement Project is a highly focused plan to get the information we need to deliver:

*         The best quality bus service possible

*         Increased access to transit

*         Streamlined routes

*         Simplified scheduling

*         Maximum connectivity

Three ways to tell us what you really think.
Whether you're a bus rider, community representative, public official, employee or just someone who recognizes the value of dependable transit service, your input counts - and MTA has made it easy to participate.

Visit mtamaryland.mindmixer.com<http://mtamaryland.mindmixer.com/>
Offer valuable feedback, participate in discussions, see preliminary results of analysis and share your comments with everyone. You can also find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at #MTABNIP.

Call 410-454-1998.
Leave us a voicemail with your thoughts on how to make everyone's ride better. The more comments we receive, the better we'll be able to plan improvements.

Attend a Public Workshop.
We're sponsoring six public meetings in October to share more about the study and to hear your comments, concerns and suggestions. This schedule is also available at mta.maryland.gov/bnip<http://mta.maryland.gov/bnip>

Tue., 10/15 noon - 2:00pm State Center
201 W. Preston St., Room L1
Baltimore, MD 21201

Wed., 10/16 5:00 - 7:00pm Rosedale Library
6105 Kenwood Ave.
Rosedale, MD 21237

Sat., 10/19 noon - 2:00pm North Point Library
1716 Merritt Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21222

Mon., 10/21 5:00 - 7:00pm Towson Library
320 York Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21204

Wed., 10/23 5:00 - 7:00pm Edmondson Avenue Library
4330 Edmondson Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21229

Thu., 10/24 5:00 - 7:00pm Brooklyn Park Library
1 East 11th Ave.
Brooklyn, MD 21225

MTA is committed to implementing major improvements to our Local Bus system. Thanks for taking advantage of this opportunity to help your public transit system become better than ever.

MTA Maryland <http://www.blogger.com/profile/02496172894671117800> at 1:33 PM<http://marylandtransitadministration.blogspot.com/2013/09/hop-on-board-heres-your-chance-to-help.html?m=1>
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