[Greater-baltimore] Reminder for next NFB TLC Chapter meeting

mary jo hartle mjhartle23 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 21:47:06 UTC 2014

HI all, 

This is just a reminder about our upcoming TLC chapter meeting.  It will
take place on Thursday, Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Image Center located at 300
East Joppa Rd. Suite 312. (See more detailed directions to  the meeting
location below courtesy of Michael Bullus.) 

Please feel free to bring a friend and help us spread the word about the
meeting to those who may be interested.  WE have lots to discuss and I hope
you will come and join us.  

                        Also, if you would like to become an official member
of the chapter and have not yet done so, dues are $5 for the year and you
can pay them at the meeting.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mary JO Hartle at
mjhartle23 at gmail.com or 318-243-4135.

Thanks and I hope to see you there. 

Mary Jo 


Directions to the Image Center

To those of you planning to attend the TLC Chapter meeting on Thursday, here
is some information about transportation.

Bus numbers 11, 48 and 55 stop right in front of Hampton Plaza, the location
of the IMAGE Center.

Be aware that if you take the 48 bus, it will go to the end of its route at
the Mall and then your stop will be the first one on the way back toward

If you are taking the 3, 8 or the 12, you will get off at the Towson Circle.

Joppa road heads East from the circle.  If you cross to the north side of
Joppa Road you will head East and walk for approximately three blocks,
although there are no actual streets with names, although they do have

There are two entrances to the mall and five other driveways prior to
reaching Hampton Plaza.  If you get to Fairmount Avenue, you've gone too
far.  Turn around and go back to the main steps into Hampton Plaza.  There
is also a ramp on the left side of the steps for those of you who may need


When you enter Hampton Plaza you will pass into a courtyard.  Turn left and
as you walk, on your left will be a series of doors.  The door that will be
unlocked will be the accessible door with a metal stanchion sticking out
that holds the automatic door button.  Go in that door and head straight
into the elevator bay.  Take any elevator to the 3rd floor.  Turn right out
of the elevator and right again at the main hallway.  The IMAGE Center,
Suite 312, is located on your right about 75 feet down the hallway.  On the
right side of the door there is a brailled sign as well as a lockbox.

Marshals will be present to provide guidance because it's complicated.  We
constantly have people getting lost.



If you're driving to the IMAGE Center from the North, turn left on Fairmount

Avenue and turn right on Fairmount Avenue.   Yes, the road turns but doesn't

change names.  Continue to Joppa Road and turn right again.  Hampton Plaza
will be on your right.  Enter through the main driveway and take a parking
ticket so we can validate.  As you face the building, offices are on the
left and apartments are on the right.  You want the offices.  Continue to
the 3rd floor and turn right.  Turn right again find Suite 312, down the
hall about 75 feet on your right.



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