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I am pleased to hear this.  But, in case they seem to be moving slowly, you
tell them that there are some pretty wild and crazy fans who are growing
impatient and you don't have much control over them.  One of the fans has
threatened to picket the Orioles, whom he loves, but can't go to the games.

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Hello all:

I have been in touch with Greg Bader, the Orioles director of
communications, as recently as last week. (Thanks to Mike Gerlach, who
established initial contact with Mr. Bader and exchanged much information
with him.) From Mr. bader's email to me it appears that he has been working
on this problem and that a solution may be imminent, although he was not in
a position to detail what the solution will look like. He promised another
update prior to the home opener. I believe that Mr. Bader has shown good
faith and we should wait until he provides that update. 


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I'm wondering if anyone has positive news to report about whether the FM
station that has the Orioles broadcast contract will be delaying the game
sixteen seconds or not.  I'm also wondering if there is any news on whether
they will be providing alternative receivers for us to use in the park.

If not, maybe it is time we contemplate other stronger action to indicate
our displeasure.  I believe there are lots of sighted people as well as
those of us who are blind who will be interested in some kind of protest.

Hopefully, this will be unnecessary because the Orioles have already put a
fix in place.


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