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This is fantastic! I have been frustrated at game delays in the past
when CBS Radio had the broadcasting rights the first time.

With that said, I wanted to comment on a couple things you said.

"This is clearly requiring cooperation between the Orioles and
CBS Radio and while I trust that the Orioles are working in good
faith, things could still fall apart on the CBS side in my view.
However I think Mr. Bader
is an ally and has worked hard to do what we asked."

Why assume there will be a future issue, and assume CBS Radio could be
a problem? Why not just focus completely on the fact that the delay
has been removed, and that we can enjoy the games like everyone else
in the park? It's almost like you're saying, "Well, this issue is
resolved for now, but I don't trust it." Why not wait until that
happens rather than assuming or suspecting it might? Comments like
that cause a totally positive outcome to have a layer of negativity.
Celebrate this for what it is; a victory for blind Baltimore Orioles'
fans, without the notion that CBS Radio has to be on watch for
something they may or may Not do. Saying something about a company
like this would make the people involved (if they read your message)
feel slighted. That is not a good vibe to put forth while things are
working at this moment.

Yes, I do hope that this situation remains resolved, but disagree with
your possible future finger-pointing without cause at this time.

Just a thought, and possible reflection on your part, I hope.

 On 4/14/15, Danielsen, Chris via Greater-baltimore
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> Dear Fellow Federationists:
> Here's an update on the situation with the Orioles broadcasts. As you know,
> we were informed by Greg bader, communications director for the Orioles,
> last week that there would no longer be a broadcast delay during games.
> Chapter secretary steven Booth and I were able to attend last night's
> Orioles game against the New York Yankees. Both of us had radios and we did
> not experience any delay between play on the field and the broadcast. I have
> heard that one member had a different experience at Saturday night's game,
> and I did inform Mr. bader of that member's experience. Perhaps there was a
> technical problem that was repaired prior to Monday evening. It is also
> unclear whether the lack of delay is somehow effective only in the park or
> is in general effect throughout the station's listening area. It is possible
> that, if the station is somehow broadcasting a separate signal to the park,
> that signal doesn't reach all parts of it. When I informed Mr. Bader after
> the game that we had not experienced a delay, he replied this morning that
> this was also his experience.
> I think the conclusion that we can draw is that the Orioles organization is
> working in good faith to ensure that there is no broadcast delay in the park
> and possibly elsewhere. However, I would appreciate further reports from any
> of you who attend Orioles games. From Steve Booth and others I have spoken
> with who know something about radio, it is still possible that our
> experience will be inconsistent if a separate signal is being broadcast to
> the park or even if someone forgets to flip a switch to turn off the delay
> at game time. The station does normally have a mandatory seven-second delay
> during its sports talk shows, so this has to be deactivated for the game
> broadcast. Thus, I think we must keep the Orioles informed of what we
> experience in order that the organization can make sure that its efforts to
> satisfy our needs are successful. This is clearly requiring cooperation
> between the Orioles and CBS Radio and while I trust that the Orioles are
> working in good faith, things could still fall apart on the CBS side in my
> view. However I think Mr. Bader is an ally and has worked hard to do what we
> asked.
> If you go to an Orioles game, you need do nothing special with your radio;
> just tune to 105.7, the frequency of WJZ The Fan, which is the current
> Orioles broadcaster. You will perhaps notice a half-second lag between the
> sounds you hear in the park and the broadcast, but this is to be expected
> and should not effect your enjoyment of the game. If you experience a
> significantly longer delay, please let me know and I will make sure that Mr.
> Bader is aware of it. If the problem is consistent then we may need to take
> further action. I suspect it will need to be against CBS Radio rather than
> the Orioles but we'll see. For the time being, however, I believe from my
> own experience and that of our colleague Steve Booth that the problem is
> resolved. Here's hoping it stays that way.
> Sincerely,
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