[Greater-Baltimore] Urgent Action Needed

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Sun May 8 14:55:44 UTC 2016

Hello all,


Our National President has asked us to make sure that senator Lindsey
Grahams phone is kept very busy on Monday, May 9. We must make a big push on
the Space Available bill for disabled veterans. Please read the below
message and take action on May 9: 


There is an urgent need for the Federation to swing into action and do what
we do best. We have made significant progress with Space Available; it has
been placed in the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act
(NDAA), which is now in the Senate awaiting mark-up. S. 2596 will ensure
that all service-connected disabled veterans are given the opportunity to
take advantage of this program regardless of which war they served in. I
write to ask that you take swift action this weekend and reach out to the
members of your affiliate. Please ask them to contact the office of Senator
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Monday, May 9, and urge him to include
S. 2596 in the NDAA. Senator Graham's office can be reached at (202)

The relevant subcommittee will be working on the NDAA on Tuesday, May 10, so
it is imperative that we act quickly. Please contact Derek Manners, NFB's
Advocacy and Policy Analyst, at (410) 659-9314, extension 2210, or at
dmanners at nfb.org <mailto:dmanners at nfb.org>  should you have questions.  He
will be available anytime this weekend by phone or email should you need to
contact him. 


Thank you


Sharon Maneki, President

National Federation of the Blind of Maryland



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