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Hello all,
Please read the information below and either apply or share it with other
folks. This is an exciting project.
Project RISE
Resilience, Independence, Self-Advocacy, Employment
National Federation of the Blind of Virginia (NFBV)
Program Description
Project RISE, (Resilience, Independence, Self-Advocacy, Employment) is a
transition program, focusing on providing blind and low vision students with
the skills necessary to become competitively employed. These skills will be
useful whether the students attend an institution of higher education, a
vocational school, or enter the job market directly after high school.
Project RISE will combine the knowledge of successful blind professionals,
the positive philosophy of the NFB, and a strong curriculum to give blind
students, between the ages of 14-22, the skills and confidence they need to
be successful. This program has the potential of changing the future of
blind students. During this pilot year, Project RISE will be coordinated in
northern Virginia.
Throughout the six months, students will meet one Saturday a month, for
about five hours, participating in workshops designed to make them more
competitive in the job market. Some topic areas include: travel and
transportation, independent daily living skills, communication and interview
techniques, and dressing appropriately for job settings. Throughout Project
RISE, students will have access to successful blind mentors. Finally,
students will have some kind of work experience during the summer months.
The Saturday programs will run from January to May, with the last program
session as a weekend spent at the National Federation of the Blind national
center during the month of June. 
Program Responsibilities
I.	Program coordinator
Application deadline: Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Approximate Time commitment: 20-25 Hours per week
*          Develop personal connection with students and parents
participating in the program 
*         Collect and review student applications, if necessary
*         Conduct in person intakes with students and parents 
*         Administer Pre and post assessments to measure students' progress
*         Create and track monthly reports on students
*         Organize and coordinate monthly events
*         Develop lesson plans in accordance with the curriculum and adjust
topics according to students' needs
*         Develop lesson plans which include interactive activities,
discussion topics, and any follow up reading and assignments
*         Develop rubric to give feedback on written assignments
*         Maintain contact with students and parents between monthly events
*         Manage mentors and delegate work as necessary
*         Develop and complete end of year reports for every student
*         Act as liaison between key stakeholders to insure contract terms
are met 
*         Other responsibilities as assigned
II.            Logistics Coordinator
Application deadline: Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Approximate Time commitment: 10-15 Hours per Week
*         Create and assist in implementing a strategic marketing plan
*         Make appointments for one on one intakes with students and parents
*         Make reminder calls to students and parents about upcoming events
*         Research transportation options for students
*         Arrange transportation for students who need it
*         Arrange location of monthly meetings in advance
*         Acquire any needed materials for events such as metro passes,
classroom materials etc.
*         Coordinate the scheduling of participants in the resource fair and
logistics for the NFB National Center visit in Baltimore 
*         Arrange for food and beverages at events
*         Set up a check in process for all events
*         Find and arrange for interpreters for parent events if necessary
*         Ensure that all bills are authorized by the NFB of Virginia
President and paid by the NFB of Virginia Treasurer
*         Ensure that invoices to the funders are submitted with appropriate
back up material to support invoice payment
*         Work closely with Program coordinator to be assigned any other
duties as necessary
III.            Mentors
Application deadline: Sunday, October 15, 2017
Approximate Time commitment: 5 Hours a month for events, 1.5 hours a week in
addition to monthly events
*          Serve as point of contact for a small group of students
*         Follow up with students in between events
*         Assist in giving feedback to students on their writing assignments
*         Complete any other duties as assigned by Program coordinator or
Logistics Coordinator
Requirements for Personnel Contractors
All those contracted to provide services are required to go through a
background check, performed by the state of Virginia.
The Program Coordinator and Logistics Coordinator must reside in the
northern Virginia area.
The Program Coordinator and Logistics Coordinator must be able and willing
to begin providing services as early as September 15 and plan to continue
providing such services for the following year (until September, 2018.)
All mentors must be able and willing to commute to the northern Virginia
area for all program trainings, events, and meetings.
If  awarded a contract, individuals will be serving as part time independent
contractors subject to the terms outlined in the contract, and not as
employees of the national Federation of the Blind of Virginia
The compensation will be provided on an hourly basis and excludes additional
benefits of any kind.
Next Steps
If interested, send a resume and cover letter to Tracy Soforenko, President
of the national Federation of the Blind of Virginia,
<mailto:tracy.soforenko at gmail.com> tracy.soforenko at gmail.com by the
specified deadline listed above. Interviews will be coordinated dependent on
your qualifications and experience.
Sharon Maneki, President
National Federation of the Blind of Maryland
The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want;
blindness is not what holds you back.

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