[Greater-Baltimore] Urgent action needed to protect voting rights

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Wed Mar 14 20:40:04 UTC 2018

Hello All,


Tomorrow and Friday, March 15 & 16, please ask the following delegates to
vote in favor of HB63 and HB1427.  HB63 calls for the randomization of the
names of candidates on the ballot.  Currently they are listed
alphabetically.  This bill will help voters with disabilities because the
reason why the state board of elections only encourages two voters per
polling place to use the express vote system is that candidates objected if
their name was on the second or third screen.  They did not think people
could navigate to the second or third screen. If names are placed on the
ballot randomly the excuse for the restriction is eliminated.


HB1427 states that judges should encourage every tenth voter in a polling
place to use the express vote system.  This bill will protect our right to a
secret ballot because more than two voters per polling place will be using
this machine.  The email address is:   firstname.lastname at house.state.md.us
<mailto:name at house.state.md.us>  unless otherwise noted.  The phone number
is either:  410-841-extension provided or 301-858-extension provided.
Everyone should contact Anne Kaiser, Chairman, Ways and Means Committee,


If you live in Allegany County, contact Jason Buckel, x3404.   If you live
in Anne Arundel County, contact Meagan Simonaire, x3206.  If you live in
Baltimore City, contact Bilal Ali, x3268, Nick Mosby, x3520; and Mary
Washington, x3476.  If you live in Baltimore County, contact Eric Ebersole,
x3328 and Robert Long, x3458.  If you live in Carroll County, contact April
Rose, x3070 and Haven Shoemaker, x3359.  If you live in Charles County
contact Edith Patterson, x3247.  If you live in Cecil County contact Kevin
Hornberger, x3284.  If you live in Frederick County contact Kathy Afzali,
x3288.  If you live in Howard County contact Frank Turner, x3246.  If you
live in Cecil & Harford Counties, contact Teresa Reilly, x3278.  If you live
in Montgomery County contact Sheila Hixson, x3469; Eric Luedtke, x3110 and
Jheanelle Wilkins, x3493. If you live in Prince Georges County contact
Darryl Barnes, x3557; Carolyn Howard, x3919; Jimmy Tarlau, x3326; Alonzo
Washington, x3652; and Jay Walker, x3581.


Thank you!



Sharon Maneki, President

National Federation of the Blind of Maryland



The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland knows that blindness is not
the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want;
blindness is not what holds you back.


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