[Greater-Baltimore] Directions to Lake Roland Park

Karen Anderson kea.anderson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 00:36:42 UTC 2018

Fellow Chapter Members:

Are you excited about the picnic tomorrow? I know I am! I'm betting
you want to know how to get there so you can have all kinds of fun. So
here are the all-important directions

IF you are taking the Light Rail: Get off at the Falls Road stop. When
you exit the train you should be facing the parking lot. Head forward
toward the lot, and when you reach the curb, turn left. Walk along the
sidewalk, following the curves, keeping the parking lot on your right.
Eventually, the sidewalk will end and you'll need to step down to walk
alongside the curb on the edge of the parking lot. Continue following
the curves until you reach a curb cut. Make a left turn, then almost
immediately another left. You will be at the entrance to the boardwalk

The boardwalk path is fenced in and you will walk along it until you
reach the end. Continue straight at the end of the boardwalk path. You
now have two choices to reach the pavilion: Take the first left turn
to follow the shorter, but steeper path. If you want a more relaxed
walk, keep going straight and follow the path you are on as it loops
around to the left and eventually takes you to our pavilion.

If you are being dropped off by vehicle: Enter the falls road light
rail parking lot and drive to the opposite end. You should see park
benches and a sign that says Lake Roland Trail. Locate the curb cut to
the left of the benches and proceed as described in the previous

* Lake RollandPark, 1000, Lakeside Drive
* Falls Road Light Rail, 2 Railroad Avenue

I can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

Karen Anderson, secretary

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