[Greater-Baltimore] opportunity to support tactile art exhibit

Cheryl Fogle-Hatch c.k.fogle at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 13:29:53 UTC 2019

We only have 14 days to raise just over $3,000 to support a tactile
art exhibition.  Please donate if you can.


I think you will hear more at the next chapter meeting.  Thanks to
those who have already contributed.

On 4/7/19, Cheryl Fogle-Hatch <c.k.fogle at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am excited to share an opportunity to support a multi-sensory art
> exhibit to be held in Baltimore this summer featuring tactile art from
> Marguerite Woods, and other talented artists.  The curators launched a
> crowdfunding
> campaign to compensate artists for their supplies and to transport art
> to the gallery.
> Project Description: "Support artists! Help fund Ways of Seeing an
> exhibition co-curated by Anil Lewis and Sarah McCann, that invited
> artists to submit work that can be “seen”
> through all five senses. Artists and curators will explore the many
> meanings of the word “seeing” that go beyond perceiving with the eyes.
> The exhibition,
> accessible to all audiences, features 10 artists who are both blind
> and sighted providing an opportunity for an immersive art experience.
> Through programming,
> dialogue will be generated about the different experiences of the work
> on display."
> Donation Instructions:  I have reviewed the accessibility of this site
> using Safari and Voiceover in iOS 12 (iPhone) and Jaws 2019 with the
> chrome browser (Windows 10).
> The direct link to the kickstarter campaign is:
> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1388860904/ways-of-seeing
> At the top of the page, there is a video.  Although some of the
> buttons are not labelled, it can be played.  Below that is a masthead
> that contains an important link labelled "back this project".  Further
> down the page, is more information about the project including artist
> bios and pictures of their work.
> Activating the "back this project" link leads to a page titled
> "support this project".  Here you can check the box that corresponds
> to the level at which you wish to donate.  Note that you can give as
> little as $1.00, but larger donation amounts are available.  Then hit
> the button labelled "continue".
> The next page is the payment form where you can enter your credit card
> details.  All form fields are labelled.  The card will only be charged
> if the project goal is met by April 27.
> Thank you for your support.
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