[Greater-Baltimore] Play about blindness

Aloma Bouma alomabouma at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 16:39:53 UTC 2020

Some of you have met Linda Wellman who lives in Abingdon Maryland.
She has become blind in the past couple of years and is learning about
the Federation.  She was given the opportunity to write and submit a
10-minute play about vision by a small local theater group.   the
theme, anything related to any type of vision, was pre-chosen by the
group last year for this summer’s productions.  Ten submissions were
selected for on line production and ten were chosen for on line
readings.  Linda’s, called The Unseen Truth, was selected for a live
reading on Aug. 9 with Zoom repeats for a few dates.

Due to a complicated process and accessibility problems it has been
difficult to get tickets, the Zoom link, which is free.  Consequently
there are now only 3 choices left but the play producer has said he
will send the link and information to anyone who contacts him directly
with their name, email, and the name and date/time they would like.
Each reading is about 10 minutes and I believe you will need to listen
to all of them during the stream—I am simply unaware of the precise
scheduling in each block although Linda’s play is listed sixth so that
may be the schedule.  If you would like to hear her play, with Linda
herself performing the lead character, please contact below as soon as
you can.

The remaining dates/times are:

Aug 22 at 5pm
Aug 20 and 23 at 8pm

Please email The event organizer:
Rapid Lemon Productions
RapidLemon at gmail.com

Also, although it has never been fully accessible to order tickets,
here is a link directly to the event page:

Here are the ten 10-minute readings:

VARIATION ON VISION the staged readings:

"Good Mothers" by Danielle DuPree
"Paint Me a Picture" by Erin Klarner
"To Be Determined" by Elizabeth Shannon
"Milton Avenue" by Christopher A. Kess
"Box" by Joshua Scheid
"The Unseen Truth" by Linda Wellman
"In the Dark" by Pamela Wilterdink
"A Sight for Sore Eyes" by Colin Riley
"No Rules Pasta" by Emma Howard

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