[Greater-Baltimore] Meeting reminder

Chris Danielsen cdanielsen14 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 19 13:52:14 UTC 2020

Dear Fellow Federationists:


This is a reminder that the Greater Baltimore Chapter of the National
Federation of the Blind of Maryland will meet this coming Saturday, November

The meeting will begin promptly at 10 AM, and since coronavirus restrictions
continue to be in place we will once again convene via Zoom. Note that there
have been recent changes to the Zoom platform to improve security, so please
review the below information carefully.


You can either log into the meeting via your browser or the Zoom app with
the link below, or dial in with your touch-tone telephone. 


.        To dial in, call 301-715-8592. Once the call connects and you are
prompted, you will then need to dial the meeting ID, which is: 624 813 8327.
You will then be asked to enter a passcode. The passcode is 63263, which is
the telephone keypad equivalent of the letters NFBMD. 

.        If you use the link from a computer, tablet, or smart phone, you
will not need to enter a passcode. The link is:


During the meeting, you can use the following commands:


.        Pressing alt+A on your Windows computer, or star then 6 on your
touch-tone phone,  will mute or unmute your audio. Everyone will be muted by
the host when the meeting officially begins. Please remain muted unless and
until you are recognized to speak. When the host unmutes you because you
have been recognized to speak, the Zoom app may ask you to confirm that you
want to unmute, and you will need to click the button in the popup to
complete unmuting.

.        Pressing alt+Y on your Windows computer or star and then 9 on your
touch-tone phone will raise your hand. This will let the meeting hosts know
that you seek the floor or have a question.


Please join your fellow chapter members, guests and potential new members,
and our new chapter president, Anil Lewis, on Saturday for our always
information-packed and lively monthly meeting. I look forward to connecting
with all of you then!




Chris Danielsen, Chapter Secretary



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