[Greater-Baltimore] Baltimore Rye Whiskey Distillery Tasting 1-Hour Tour 2021

William Borner magoo2265 at icloud.com
Tue Jun 1 14:06:59 UTC 2021

Hello all;
I neglected to add to my previous post about the Sagamore distillery tour last week that perhaps we might consider it as a fundraising measure for the greater Baltimore chapter, and or a future Maryland affiliate convention tour.
(I have no financial interest in the Sagamore distillery directly;
However, The success of the entirety of the Port Covington project will surely improve the comparables for my homes value here in Riverside.)
On that note, the improved property values all around the Jernigan center Will also mean improved asset value for the national Federation of the blind.
…. Food, or rather whiskey, for thought!
Best, Bill borner


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