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> Subject: [NAGDU] Announcing the 2022 snarky guide dog T-shirt
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> Greetings,
> We are happy to announce the pre-order for our 2022 Snarky Guide Dog
> T-Shirts has begun.
> This T-shirt is being sold as a fundraiser for the New York Association of
> Guide Dog Users. however, as was the case last year, the shirt does not
> contain the logo of the New York Association of Guide Dog Users, the
> National Association of Guide Dog Users, the NFB, or any other
> organization. We encourage individuals to join organizations such as the
> NFB, the ACB, etc., or the specialized divisions within such organizations,
> such as NAGDU, GDUI, etc. However, we wanted to provide a T-shirt that
> would have appealed to, and be applicable to, guide and service dog
> handlers, no matter what organization(s) they choose to belong to and no
> matter what school their dog is from. Upon request, we’re happy to provide
> information about the New York Association of Guide Dog Users, and we
> certainly wouldn’t refuse a donation at any time that is not related to the
> purchase of a T-shirt. However, this fundraising campaign is purely based
> on our annual T-shirt sale.
> This year’s shirt is made of the same material as last year’s shirt. That
> is, thin, of medium to high quality, and very soft. This year we have opted
> for a shirt that is black, rather than blue. Most of the writing on the
> shirt this year is produced in puff ink, just like the writing last year,
> although our color is a very light, very bright blue. In addition to the
> puff ink there is also some glitter ink in silver. The distribution of the
> different inks and colors will be as follows:
> A black shirt feature’s the following message “It isn’t dog fur its guide
> dog GLITTER!” This message is presented on several lines, with a left
> alignment, so that it appears as the body of a letter, albeit a very short
> letter, where a graphic appears in the positioning, preceded by a dash,
> such that it looks like it serves as a signature for the letter. The
> graphic is a large paw print, facing with the toes upward, with braille
> lettering contained within the paw print, the letters LOVE on the toes from
> left to right, and the word DOG inside the heel of the paw print. The paw
> print, the braille within it, the – preceding it, and the word GLITTER! are
> all presented in the silver glitter ink, with the rest being presented in
> the light blue puff ink described above. The format of the shirts makes it
> look as if the message is being sent from the guide dog to the general
> public, having been signed with a paw print reading love dog, Where dog
> functions as the sender, and love functions as the degreeting, such as
> sincerely, cordially, etc. this T-shirt is a little bit more flashy than
> last year, but we have selected colors and formatting that tend to be quite
> gender neutral, and could read a little bit on the masculine side, with the
> black, blue, and silver color combination.
> We strive to use messages that are fun, so that our purchasers can enjoy
> wearing the shirt, so that our potential buyers will want to purchase the
> shirt in the first place, and so that the public is more likely to not only
> enjoy the shirt but be open minded and taken its message. While it is true
> that it is not acceptable to bring a truly filthy dog into a public place,
> regardless of the ADA and other such laws, it is equally true that a
> well-groomed and clean dog, will shed a small amount of fur. This is not
> the toxic substance, or menace to society, which some peoples over the top
> reactions would seem to indicate. We want to send a message, in a fun and
> snarky way, that a few guard hairs from the coat of a dog that is clean,
> well-behaved, well groomed, and working hard, should be seen in a neutral,
> or even perhaps, in a fun or appreciative way by those who happen to be
> blessed with a small amount of guide dog glitter in their life when they
> encounter a guide dog team.
> This year our shirts will be a little less expensive if you purchase more
> than one. A single shirt will be $22, and any additional shirts will be
> only $20 apiece.
> If you would like to purchase a shirt, you can use PayPal to
> NYAGDUDivision at gmail.com. If you do not have a PayPal account, and would
> like help setting one up, please feel free to reach out and we will help
> you with that.
> If you do not have, and would not like to have, a PayPal account, please
> contact me at Heather.L.Bird at gmail.com <heather.l.bird at gmail.com> so that
> we can work out an alternative payment arrangement.
> These prices include the price of the shirt, whether you need an extra
> small up to a 4X. While we do pay a slight up charge to the manufacturers
> of the shirts for plus size shirts, we do not pass this cost along to the
> purchasers of our shirts, no matter what size they happen to be. This cost
> also already includes the shipping, and there will be no additional
> shipping cost, whether you purchase one shirt or 10, whether you are a mile
> away from us or all the way across the country.
> We are utilizing a pre-order. Such as the one we used last year, which will
> be three weeks in length this year, as we had many individuals who found
> out about the shirts after we had already placed our order with the
> manufacturer. Many of which took place within 1 to 7 days after we ended
> the pre-order.
> The pre-order period begins today, Friday, July 29. Therefore, will end,
> with us placing our order for the shirts, on Friday, August 19th.
> The turnaround time for the shirts to be completed should be like last
> year, or shorter, as some supply chain issues have been improving, and we
> will not have winter weather to contend with to impact the shipping of the
> shirts to our manufacturer, or our shipping of the shirts out to those who
> purchase them. Everyone who purchases a shirt will receive an email when we
> order the shirts, another email when we receive the shirts, and an email
> when their shirt is shipped.
> Last year, we purchased the type of shipping that included tracking
> information. Out of around 90 shirts ordered, we had a grand total of one
> shirt that did not arrive. And the tracking information for that shirt,
> didn’t clarify things for us, as the date and time on which it was
> delivered, did not enable the individual to find the shirt which may have
> been misdelivered, porch pirated or otherwise gone astray.
> My experience with the blindness community, in particular, the guide dog
> using community within the blind community, has been overwhelmingly
> positive, so we will be operating on the honor system. This year we will
> not be utilizing tracking information, and if you have not received your
> shirt within the timeframe of the estimated shipping date we sent you,
> please contact us, and we will do what we can to locate the shirt, and if
> we cannot, then we will send out a replacement.
> To place an order, please send an email to NYAGDUDivision at gmail.com and let
> us know the following information:
> ·         Your full name as you would like it to appear on the shipping
> address, especially important if you’re purchasing it as a gift and don’t
> want someone else living with you to open it and find it prematurely.
> ·         We will need your full shipping address including ZIP Code so
> that we send it to the right place.
> ·         We need to know how many shirts you would like to order, and what
> quantity of each size you need, especially if you are purchasing multiple
> shirts, and even more so if you are purchasing multiple shirts in a variety
> of sizes.
> ·         Please provide us with your email address that you would like
> notifications to be sent to, especially if this email address is not the
> one from which you are emailing us initially, otherwise we will simply
> capture that from your email.
> ·         We would also like a phone number, so that we can reach out to
> you if we need to update you on anything specific to your shipment that
> will not go out in the large, blind, carbon copy email that will go to all
> individuals in a particular batch of shirts being shipped.
> You can also send questions to this email address, but if you need help
> specifically with arranging a different payment method than PayPal, please
> reach out to me at Heather.L.Bird at gmail.com <heather.l.bird at gmail.com>.
> Once you have sent us your information, please send your payment, to PayPal
> at the same address to it you sent your email that is
> NYAGDUDivision at gmail.com.
> Would you like to win a free T-shirt, or, an additional shirt for free to
> your order? Then please see below.
> If you would like to be entered into a drawing for one free T-shirt, in the
> size of your choice, please answer the following short survey questions, in
> an email to Heather.L.Bird at gmail.com <heather.l.bird at gmail.com>. I promise,
> folks, these are not hard, or invasive questions. And if you answer all of
> them, your name will be entered into a drawing for a free shirt, and we
> will conduct that drawing before we order the shirts, so that we can add to
> the order the free shirt in the size of the individual’s choice who has one
> said shirt. you do not need to be purchasing one of our shirts this year to
> fill out the survey and be entered to receive a free shirt from this year’s
> order.
> 1.      Last year, many people missed out on ordering a shirt, or have
> expressed that they wish they had ordered an additional shirt. If we were
> to do a re-print of last year shirt, would you be wanting to purchase one?
> Just indicate a number from zero to however many you might want to buy, if
> we were to do such a reorder of last year shirt, in addition to this year
> shirt. Obviously, zero represents that you would not want a shirt, and
> whatever number above zero you might indicate would let us know roughly how
> many people might be wanting approximately how many shirts from a re-order.
> 2.      This year shirt is worded in a way that is very specific to Guide
> Dogs and Guide Dog handlers. We have an alternative shirt design, with the
> same message, and logo, except, that it substitutes the words Service Dog
> Sparkle in place of Guide Dog Glitter.  You’ve got to love the
> alliteration. Please indicate with a number, zero representing no interest,
> and other numerical values representing the number of shirts that you might
> want to purchase, or, the number of people you know, who are service dog
> handlers, who might appreciate an alternative printing of this your shirt,
> that says service, rather than Guide, dog on it.
> 3.      We will never harvest anyone’s data, and would not in a million
> years, dream of asking you to provide us with anyone’s contact information,
> however, you should please feel free to forward this along to anyone who
> might be interested, not only in a guide dog related shirt, but also in the
> service dog related option, so that they may, if they wish, send us their
> survey answers especially regarding this question and the previous
> question. if you know of, any lists, forums, or other venues, where
> advertising is allowed, this is very important, that are open to service
> dog handlers of all types, where we might be able to promote an alternative
> release of the shirt with the service dog wording, please share the name or
> names of such venues with us so that we might post about such an
> alternative release in the future. We absolutely will not post any emails
> advertising this or future shirts on any lists where it is indicated that
> either sales, or fundraisers, are not allowed. We would love to get the
> word out, but we do not want to cause any hassle, or extra work, for list
> or group moderators.
> And there you have it folks, if you have any additional questions regarding
> this year’s T-shirt, please feel free to reach out, and please feel free to
> share this wherever appropriate, and with whomever you think might be
> interested.
> Heather Bird
> President
> New York Association of Guide Dog Users
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