[Jobs] looking for help

Michelle Clark mcikeyc at aol.com
Sat Apr 9 12:47:51 CDT 2011


One thing I find from List Serves is it allows persons to say things that
they would not necessarily say in an open faced conversation. Also in true
"Business Decorum", some things are better responded to in private.

I find when I read such posts as this, the best response is to reply "off
line" to give the author of this original post some advice without
embarrassment. I am certain that the recipient of the email would feel much
better and thankful of the manner of the reply then    to basically be
lambasted for making such a mistake.

I believe we are here to help one another, not to tear one another down when
an error in judgment is made.    Often, before I respond, I think about how
I would feel if   something I   am writing was said to me. 


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