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No brilliant ideas, but I would say that my original suggestins are
guideposts to where you want to get to.  Like everything else, it takes time
to get there.  Obviously, you need to have all the needed "blind-related"
skills.  You'll probably have to work a little harder to learn the ropes and
build those relationships (never easy).  Finally, I find it helpful to
remember that this is not a blindness-related issue in the sense that
everybody is experiencing the same challenges; we just address them
differently.  Very few people can assimilate all - or even most - of the
information available.  Also, most bosses understand that there is a steep
learning curve, and wouldn't have hired you unless they thought you had
something uniquely good to offer, wich hopefully means they will give you
some useful guidance and point you to other resources.  


Obviously, none of this is easy, but it can be done with a little patience,
flexibility, and, frankly, some luck.


Best, Peter 







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Hi Peter.

Thanks for your input. Those are great suggestions if you're already
familiar with the job, but what if you're new to the job? Sometimes it can
take a while to really learn how the job is done and develop a rapport with
your boss and coworkers. Any thoughts on this?




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A couple of thoughts: 


1.	If yu understand the main purpose of your job and really "live it,"
you will learn which information is important and which is less important.


2.	Having a network of folks to watch your back is critical; this means
of course that you must  Be able and willing to watch the backs of others.  
3.	Having a good relationship with your boss is critical.


4. mentoring might help.


Good luck, Peter 



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