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I've not considered doing that for a living just on the side to make
some money. Also guys you might like http://www.gettinghired.com/ it
is really cool and totally 100% accessible take if from me I'm
actually doing a career assessment and there are tools to help you
create your profile and resume. Check it out!
Thanks for the info Kieth.

On 7/9/11, Keith Wiglesworth <hwiglesworth at carolina.rr.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>     There are quite a lot of these survey sites where you can take surveys
> and perhaps make some money but if I were you, I'd take this advice with a
> grain of salt.
>     I say this because I've been trying with not much success to do just
> this.
>     Of course, the truth is that the more you take, the more you make, but
> keep in mind that there are all kinds of qualifiers for each company and for
> that matter almost every survey, and you may or may not qualify depending on
> exactly what each company happens to be looking for in each and every
> survey.
>     The problem is that you almost never know until you have started this
> process, and perhaps wasted maybe in some cases a good half hour trying to
> take one and then get disqualified.
>     Unfortunately, you almost never know until you've reached a certain
> point in the process which only the company doing the survey will know.
>     Each and every survey is just different enough that it sets itself apart
> from most every other one, and it just depends on exactly what each company
> happens to want on any given day or survey.
>     Some companies are better than others but it is hard to say which is
> best due to the fact that each one has its own criteria for companies they
> work with and people who qualify to take them.
>     There are enough companies out there that I can say a couple things for
> sure.
>     You should never have to pay a fee up front to take surveys with any
> company.
>     There are some that may want to charge you for this, but really I can
> assure you that they're just taking your money.
>     There are enough free ones that you could find plenty without having to
> pay.  However, having said that remember that I also said that to make any
> Real money in this, you have to take a lot of surveys.
>     I over the past three years have taken hundreds of surveys and for my
> time and trouble I would guess that I haven't made $100 doing so.
>     The payouts are usually so small that it isn't worth your time in most
> cases.
>     Some companies will tell you that you can win sweepstakes and prizes,
> and while this is true, well, I've won none of these as yet.
>     Each company has slightly different criteria for getting in on their
> panels, and besides, I've found that many surveys employ Flash technology
> which often wreaks havoc on some of our screen reading software, and brings
> along some of its own issues.
>     There are a few good companies, but the odds of winning are usually
> small, so my advice is give it a shot if you want to, but it pays overall
> much less than the companies would have you believe as a practical matter,
> and believe me when I say, I have attempted many many of these.
>     That's just my honest take on the survey thing.  You might make a few
> bucks here and there but don't be fooled in to thinking that it will do much
> more than give you a little snack money.
>     That's just my take on these, but if you do try I hope you will do
> better than I have in the last few years.
>     Two companies where I have made some money while it has been a slow slog
> have been Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings.
>     These give you small payouts for reading emails and surveys which they
> send you and keep up with your totals and they do take time to add up, but
> that is one way.
>     There are others such as Harris Poll and similar, but usually the Flash
> they employ make the going very slow for this blind guy.
>     Good luck.
> Keith

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