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You can search USAJOBS under job titjle.  Or you can contact 
Starvis Smith by e-mail.  I realize the IRS could do a better job 
with accessibility, but at least there are workarounds.

Good luck, Peter

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>Please note that as is generally the case from this source, in 
Office 10
>using JAWS 12 the attachments are both inaccessible.  The PDF 
version reads
>as blank lines.  The txt version contains only headings without 
>Please advise where the job announcement is available and 
readable for
>screen reader users.

>Thank you for your attention to this matter.

>Cathryn Bonnette

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>Subject: Technical Advisor for the IRS Disability Office Program 

>On behalf of the IRS

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>From: Smith Star D [mailto:Starvis.Smith at irs.gov]
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>Subject: RE: Disability Program Manager Position

>Position: Technical Advisor for the IRS Disability Office Program 
Manager (1

>Location:  1111 Constitution Avenue; Washington, D.C [ONLY]

>Start Date:  ASAP

>Position Description:  See Attached GS-260-14

>Schedule A Hiring Authority

>In brief: This position serves as the Technical Advisor for the 
>Disability Office Program Manager, providing the IDO manager with 
>opinions on the correct legal and administrative procedures for 
>Accommodations and accessibility.  The incumbent is critical to 
>and maintaining relationships with our business customers as well 
as key
>stakeholders such as Treasury, EEO, EDI, MITS (IRAP and EUES), 
>the Alternative Media Center so that IDO can establish itself as 
>principal and authoritative disability resource within the 
Service.  The
>incumbent must work closely with the W&I disability initiative 
project teams
>to ensure alignment with corporate objectives.  As we revamp the
>reassignment process, the incumbent will ensure cases meet legal 
>procedural requirements before referral to Treasury.  In addition 
>providing expert guidance on reasonable accommodation policy, 
this position
>will serve as the senior policy advisor for the IDO office on all 
>rights aspects of Section 508.  The incumbent is needed to serve 
as a
>liaison with GLS, LR MITS and Procurement on the Rehab Act 
(Section 508)
>grievance.  With the delay in the rollout of SharePoint 2010, 
AWSS is ready
>to transition the iCAN web site to HCO/WRD/IDO which will be 
critical step
>forward for IDO to establish its corporate presence and 
credibility which is
>currently overshadowed by efforts underway by Services and 
Enforcement.  The
>incumbent will manage the transition and subsequently the site, 
>creating and executing a transition plan from the old AWSS 
1STEP4RA web site
>to iCAN as the primary IRS disability web site under the HCO 

>Thank you,

>Star Smith, CPA

>Program Analyst, IRS Recruitment Office

>Disability and Diversity Recruitment

>317-260-8724 Blackberry

>317-685-7775 Fax

>HCO.recruiter4disability at irs.gov
>Internal Revenue Service

>IRS Recruitment Office (OS:HC:IRO)

>575 N Pennsylvania Street, Mail Stop WI-665

>Indianapolis, IN  46204

>Find out more about IRS jobs online: http://jobs.irs.gov

>Check out the latest IRS job announcements: 

>Count on me.

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