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For what it's worth, here's the document; hope this helps!

Classification: GS-260-14
Classification Title: Equal Employment Specialist
Organizational Title: Senior EEO Specialist
Organizational Location: NHQ, Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity
Position Information
Bargaining Unit Status: Non Bargaining Unit (Management Official Exclusion)
Competitive Level Code: 0128
FLSA Status: Exempt
Risk Level/ADP: 5N (Moderate Risk/Non ADP)
Supervisory Code: 5 (Management Official)
Full-Working Level: GS-14
Career Ladder PDs: None
09/13/06 - Corrected Supervisory Code from 8 (Non-Supervisory). (Case 
This SPD supersedes LPD # 037-92, Equal Employment Specialist, GM-0260-14, 
dated 11/4/91. This
position is restricted to the use of the NHQ, Equal Employment Opportunity 
and Diversity. This
position is at the full working level and has no further promotion 

table with 3 columns and 2 rows
Duties and Responsibilities Approved:
07-14-05 Date
/s/ John M. Robinson Chief, EEO and Diversity
Classification Approved:
07-26-05 Date
/s/ Shirley B. Wells Assistant Director, PM/C Branch Sarahann Pease, HRS 
(Classification), Case #1856
table end

Supervisory Certification: I certify that this is an accurate statement of 
the major duties and responsibilities
of this position and its organizational relationships, and that the position 
is necessary to carry out government
functions for which I am responsible. This certification is made with the 
knowledge that this information is to
be used for statutory purposes relating to appointment and payment of public 
funds, and that false or misleading
statements may constitute violations of such statutes or their implementing 
Signature and Title of Immediate Supervisor: Date:
All other levels of supervision which propose or approve official statements 
of duties and responsibilities are
attesting to the same effect as the immediate supervisor.
This position description is intended for use without modification. Any 
changes (e.g., pen-and-ink) to the duty
statements, factor level descriptions and benchmarks may jeopardize the 
classification allocation. Contact the
Position Management and Classification Branch for further assistance. The 
classification of this position may
be appealed. Published standards or other information upon which the 
classification is based may be reviewed.
Information may be obtained from the employee's immediate supervisor or the 
PM/C Branch.
This position is located in the National Headquarters, Office of the Chief, 
Equal Employment Opportunity
and Diversity (EEOD). Incumbent will be assigned within EEOD, External Civil 
Rights Unit or
Discrimination Complaints Review Unit. Incumbent provides advisory opinions 
on the correct legal and
administrative procedures for resolving complaints of discrimination; legal 
and technical oversight, guidance
and training for management on Federal EEO and Civil Rights laws and 
personnel rules and regulations,
Executive Orders, Judicial decisions and technical and administrative 
procedures. Incumbent reports directly
to the designated Director and serves as a senior EEO Specialist responsible 
for the analysis, development,
reviewing, monitoring and evaluation of EEOD policies that impact EEO 
programs within the Agency.
Incumbent analyzes management policies and practices within the Internal 
Revenue Service, rules and
regulations, and case rulings of the Office of Equal Opportunity and 
Diversity (OEOD) within the Treasury
Department, Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Equal Employment 
Opportunity Commission
(EEOC), Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), pertinent decisions by 
District and Circuit Courts, and the
Supreme Court.
Determines overall program requirements and maintains continuing liaison 
with the field during
implementation and identifies and resolves problem areas prior to 
implementation. Initiates service wide
studies of occupations in which discrimination is apparent, and formulates 
corrective action plans for IRS
Incumbent develops and recommends new policies and procedures. Proposes 
changes and modifications to
reflect current policy decisions by EEOC and case law where regulations are 
newly issued, conflicting,
unclear or absent.
Incumbent recommends changes to policies or practices needed to resolve 
chronic or systemic problems
affecting employee morale or motivation needed to eliminate the appearance 
of a discriminatory practice.
Incumbent assist in the resolution of identified problems at the corporate 
level and develops new or revised
policies to reflect change.
Incumbent provides advisory opinions to the director on the appropriate 
legal and administrative procedures
for the processing of EEO discrimination complaints, Disability Compliance 
concerns, Special Emphasis
Program delivery and the formulation and adherence of MD 715. Obtains 
advisory opinions from regulatory
entities when appropriate.
Incumbent coordinates the most technically complex and politically sensitive 
cases with representatives from
outside the office (e.g., OEOD, General Counsel, Bureau Counsel, Union 
Counsel, Assistant U.S. Attorneys,
EEOC or MSPB officials, and AWSS EEOD Field Services, EEOD Division 
Directors, Complainant and
Complainant's representative) to work towards the effective resolution of 
policy and litigation issues.
Incumbent conducts reviews and onsite fact-findings of allegations of 
discrimination in complaints filed by
employees, taxpayers and taxpayer representatives in order to determine 
whether the alleged incident
committed by an IRS employee violated the person's civil rights and, if so, 
write a finding of intentional
Incumbent enforces civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in IRS 
federally conducted programs by
educating IRS employees of their responsibilities and taxpayers of their 
rights; incumbent monitors and
conducts compliance reviews of the agency's Title VI federal financially 
assisted programs.
Incumbent provides legal and technical training to management on Civil 
Rights Laws, Federal EEO and
personnel rules and regulations, Executive Orders, judicial decisions, 
technical and administrative
procedures, and the rules and regulations corporately developed within the 
respective unit.
Incumbent ensures consistency in the application of laws, regulations and 
policies on the decisions issued by
all elements of the Service by maintaining close working relationships with 
other EEO Offices, e.g., OEOD,
AWSS EEOD Field Services and EEOD Division Directors.
Incumbent provides direct support in matters of strategic direction and 
leadership as related to diversity
issues and other programs as the need arises.
Performs other duties as assigned.
KNOWLEDGE FLD 1-8=1550pts.
Mastery knowledge of the principles, concept and methods of Federal EEO and 
Civil Rights laws to develop
broad guidelines or policies to conduct projects in resolving complex 
systemic problems of a broad corporate
scope and/or plan, develop and evaluate or design new approaches to EEO 
Expert knowledge of problems-solving techniques and legal framework of 
program assigned to consult with
director, all levels of managers, complainants and complainant's 
representative on the merits of complex and
sensitive EEO issues.
Thorough knowledge of relevant laws and legal principles, workforce 
implications, EEO history and the
culture and organizations within the Service to provide technical advice to 
managers and other EEO
specialists processing a variety of difficult and complex assignments.
Expert knowledge of Civil Rights laws, Federal EEO and personnel management 
rules and regulations,
Executive Orders, judicial decisions, and technical and frequently changing 
administrative procedures
regarding EEO, Civil Rights and human resources management to provide 
technical advice to customers.
Expert knowledge of procedures that must be followed in administrative and 
legal proceedings, i.e, various
levels of courts, EEOC, MSPB, Special Counsel, Bureau Counsel, OEOD, etc.
Comprehensive knowledge of fact-finding, analysis and problem solving 
techniques to identify and define
the most difficult, complex, or sensitive equal employment problems, and 
convincingly present results of
such analysis in oral and/or written communication.
Comprehensive knowledge of negotiation techniques to resolve unprecedented, 
broad, difficult, or complex
EEO complaints/issues.
Knowledge of training and counseling methods to provide technical EEOD 
training and consulting services
in a variety of areas.
Knowledge of the organizational structure of the Service, nature of other 
functions, missions, and
composition of workforce by occupations, relative grade structure and other 
demographic information.
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY FLD 2-5=650pts.; 3-5=650pts.; 4-5=325pts.;
8-1=5pts.; 9-1=5pts.
Incumbent works under the administrative direction of the Director and is 
responsible for independently
planning, designing, and carrying out EEO assignments. Incumbent is a 
recognized technical expert
involving EEO complaint processing, disability compliance concerns, special 
emphasis program delivery and
MD 715 adherence. Findings and recommendations are considered technically 
authoritative and normally
accepted without significant change. Decisions and judgments are generally 
reviewed only for their potential
effect on the broad policies and goals of the office/unit served.
Guidelines are broadly stated in the form of legislation, case law, court 
decisions, regulations, EEOC and
MSPB case decisions, and broad Treasury Department policy statements. 
Incumbent must exercise
extraordinary resourcefulness, creativity, sound judgment, strong analytical 
interpretation and discretion in
development of solutions, recommendations and guidance on a wide range of 
unique situations or technical
Incumbents must consider the immediate, sequential and long term effects of 
proposed actions on the
program, organization, the Service, individual complainants and related 
components. Work requires
originating new techniques, establishing new criteria or developing new 
Work is sedentary, with no unusual physical demands and performed in an 
office setting. Travel may be
ASSIGNMENT FLD 5-4=225pts.
Purpose of work requires continuing efforts to develop major enforcement of 
policies or precedents or
conclude cases having a major precedent-setting effect in equal employment 
opportunity that may directly
result in major changes in employment policies and practices that affect the 
mission and operations of the
Agency. In addition, eliminate barriers to equal employment opportunity, 
especially as they apply to civil
rights and discrimination complaints within the Service.
COMMUNICATIONS FLD 6-3=60pts. & 7-4=220pts.
Contacts range from high-ranking officials to employees of the Internal 
Revenue Service. Contacts are also
maintained with personnel at many levels service wide, OEOD, EEOC, MSPB, 
Department of Justice and
attorneys representing complainants and the Department of Treasury. Contacts 
vary depending upon the
parties defined within the context of the problem, issue or complaint being 
Purpose of these contacts is to influence as well as negotiate, or settle 
complex and emotionally charged
equal employment opportunity issues ranging from individual complaints to 
systemic equal employment
problems. Complex civil rights issues, disability compliance concerns, 
special emphasis program delivery,
and MD 715 adherence
Total Points: 3690
Point Range: 3605 - 4050
Grade Level: GS-14
Final Classification: Equal Employment Specialist, GS-0260-14
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> but at least there are workarounds.
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>>Subject: Technical Advisor for the IRS Disability Office Program
> Manager
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>>From: Smith Star D [mailto:Starvis.Smith at irs.gov]
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>>Subject: RE: Disability Program Manager Position
>>Position: Technical Advisor for the IRS Disability Office Program
> Manager (1
>>Location:  1111 Constitution Avenue; Washington, D.C [ONLY]
>>Start Date:  ASAP
>>Position Description:  See Attached GS-260-14
>>Schedule A Hiring Authority
>>In brief: This position serves as the Technical Advisor for the
>>Disability Office Program Manager, providing the IDO manager with
> advisory
>>opinions on the correct legal and administrative procedures for
> Reasonable
>>Accommodations and accessibility.  The incumbent is critical to
> establishing
>>and maintaining relationships with our business customers as well
> as key
>>stakeholders such as Treasury, EEO, EDI, MITS (IRAP and EUES),
> REFM, GLS and
>>the Alternative Media Center so that IDO can establish itself as
> the
>>principal and authoritative disability resource within the
> Service.  The
>>incumbent must work closely with the W&I disability initiative
> project teams
>>to ensure alignment with corporate objectives.  As we revamp the
>>reassignment process, the incumbent will ensure cases meet legal
> and
>>procedural requirements before referral to Treasury.  In addition
> to
>>providing expert guidance on reasonable accommodation policy,
> this position
>>will serve as the senior policy advisor for the IDO office on all
> civil
>>rights aspects of Section 508.  The incumbent is needed to serve
> as a
>>liaison with GLS, LR MITS and Procurement on the Rehab Act
> (Section 508)
>>grievance.  With the delay in the rollout of SharePoint 2010,
> AWSS is ready
>>to transition the iCAN web site to HCO/WRD/IDO which will be
> critical step
>>forward for IDO to establish its corporate presence and
> credibility which is
>>currently overshadowed by efforts underway by Services and
> Enforcement.  The
>>incumbent will manage the transition and subsequently the site,
> while
>>creating and executing a transition plan from the old AWSS
> 1STEP4RA web site
>>to iCAN as the primary IRS disability web site under the HCO
> organization
>>Thank you,
>>Star Smith, CPA
>>Program Analyst, IRS Recruitment Office
>>Disability and Diversity Recruitment
>>317-260-8724 Blackberry
>>317-685-7775 Fax
>>HCO.recruiter4disability at irs.gov
>>Internal Revenue Service
>>IRS Recruitment Office (OS:HC:IRO)
>>575 N Pennsylvania Street, Mail Stop WI-665
>>Indianapolis, IN  46204
>>Find out more about IRS jobs online: http://jobs.irs.gov
>>Check out the latest IRS job announcements:
> http://jobs.irs.gov/USAJOBS
>>Count on me.
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