[Jobs] Blind Bargains: Column: An Expert's Guide to Making Money from your Recliner with Online Surveys

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> Blind Bargains: Column: An Expert's Guide to Making Money from your
> Recliner with Online Surveys
> If you are browsing this site you are probably blind and interested in
> having more disposable income. Online surveys are a fairly easy way
> for a blind person to make some extra money without ever leaving home.
> My name is Grace Hoath and I have been doing online surveys for the
> past seven years or so. I was a bored college student looking for
> creative ways to make money. I bought myself a $29.95 membership to a
> survey company database and spent the next few weeks filling out
> registration forms. Within a couple of months I had checks, gift
> cards, and free samples coming to my dorm room. Fortunately for you,
> you don’t need to buy a membership to a database to get started. Over
> the next few weeks I will be sharing my favourite survey, pay-to-click
> and pay to read programs with you. I will also explain how to sign up
> for each company, how to maximize your earnings, and go over any
> accessibility pitfalls. Survey work won’t instantly make you rich, but
> if you put a little time into it each day you will reap nice rewards.

> The company I will cover this week is called matrix mails. It is a
> good idea to sign up with this company first because they give you a
> free email account complete with accessible web interface and pop3
> access. You can give this email address out to survey companies
> instead of your personal one. This site pays you to read emails, click
> on links, and occasionally complete a survey or sign up to a
> newsletter. To sign up visit the Matrix Mails sign up pageclick sign
> up and enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email
> which has a link to a page where the rest of the sign up process takes
> place. There is a capcha which you need to solve to create your
> account. You can use Web Visum or Solona to do this. Once you have
> signed up log in and put in your Paypal address so you can be paid.
> There are a few things you can do to make the most of this site. Log
> in once every 24 hours and click on the links in the pay to click
> section. Once you click a link, a new browser window will open and you
> will get a message that says please click the button when the flashing
> timer stops. Wait 30 seconds or longer and then click the matrix mails
> link to be paid. You can then close that window and go on to the next
> one. The second thing you can do is refer your friends. You will make
> a percentage of the money they make. Thirdly, you can sign up for a
> gold membership. If you are serious about making money online this is
> well worth the $40. You make four times the money for every link you
> click and email you read, get automatic referrals, and a website that
> you can put you can use to post all of your referral links for survey
> companies. I don’t usually recommend gold memberships but, this one is
> top notch and I easily made back my $40. I hope you enjoyed reading
> this first column. Please join me next week where we will talk about
> another company. If you can’t wait until next week and want to dive
> right in please visit my website at
> http://blindinternetmoney.thruhere.netfor more companies.
> That is what I just read feel free to check that site out. I'm not
> gonna do this for a living but it would be great to make just a little
> at a time.
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