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I know of no agreement between Peter and the NFB.  It is his business venture, so to speak.

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On Sat, 30 Jul 2011 13:18:19 -0400, Albert J Rizzi wrote:

>Who do the proceeds from the sale go to then if it has nothing to do with
>the nfb? Not arguing your point which is well made. But it does beg the

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>Hello John, and everyone,

>This has nothing to do with NFB. Other businesses and organizations charge 
>the same if not more for Internet downloads as well as for hard-copy media 
>delivery. They understand that people will place more value on the 
>information if they have to pay something for it. If you want to find work 
>and wish to learn from the experiences of others to help your job search 
>succeed it's worth the investment.

>Peter Donahue

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>2011 Employment Seminar Recordings Now AvailableI can understand the $10 to 
>order a CD, but $10 for a file download?  Give me a break.  If they really 
>wanted the information out there for the blind community, there would be no 
>charge for the download.  Wake up NFB.

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>  A number of you have asked how to get recordings of this year's national 
>employment seminar. Here's how. Please pass this information on to others 
>who may be interested in it.
>  Dick Davis, Chair
>  Employment Committee

>  2011 Employment Seminar Recordings Now Available

>              On July 3, 2011 the National Federation of the Blind's 
>Employment Committee hosted its annual seminar during the 2011 national 
>convention in Orlando Florida. We had some great presenters, and for the 
>first time, the seminar was recorded.  A number of people have contacted us 
>asking for copies of the recording, so here is how to get one.

>              Copies of the seminar are available for $10 each on audio or 
>MP3 CDs sent to you by surface mail, or in zipped files sent over the 
>Internet. If you want your copy of this dynamic seminar quickly, Internet 
>delivery will make this possible.

>              If ordering the seminar on CD please specify if you want it to

>be in standard audio CD or MP3 files. Audio CDS will play on any standard CD

>player and MP3 files can be played using a wide variety of playback devices 
>and software. If you request Internet delivery, be sure you have software 
>that will allow you to unpack the files, which will be sent as a single 
>zipped archive.

>              Both CD and Internet copies are available for $10.00 each. 
>Please specify the number of copies you desire. Should you choose to submit 
>payment via snail mail, make checks payable to Peter Donahue and send to 
>Peter Donahue, 8800 Starcrest Drive, Apt. 226, San Antonio, TX 78217. 
>Alternatively, payments may be sent via PayPal using the following e-mail 
>address: pdonahue2 at satx.rr.com.


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