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The National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service 

A Program of the Olmsted Center for Sight

Volume 8 Number 11             E-Newsletter March 2013 




iPads are here!
Keeping up with the latest technology advances is one of the ways that
the National Statler Center is able to best help its students, and
another step has been taken with the purchase of several Apple iPads for
use in the classroom.


The tablet computers, in both the mini and full-sized versions, will be
used in conjunction with a number of applications, or "apps", that have
been found to be of special benefit to those who are blind or visually
impaired. A primary use is to have the tablet act as an easily portable
document reader and input device for classroom activity. People can use
the audible reading function to quickly scan through documents and
insert their own notes and comments into the text. But the iPad can do a
lot of really different things. For example, one app uses the tablet's
camera to tell the person what color an item is, which can be quite
useful to blind students dressing up for a job interview, among other


Student response has been quite positive as we introduce these tools
into the classroom, and we plan to have more iPads and other cutting
edge technological tools on hand soon. Our goal is to give our students
every possible edge in meeting their technological needs both personally
and professionally.  

Technology Trainer Linda Lange 

demonstrates the iPad to student Pat C.


Statler Center gets messages in the media

New video gives student perspectives on program 
Working in conjunction with MWM Buffalo, a video production company in
Buffalo, NY, the National Statler Center has released a new video taken
at the Fall 2012 class graduation in Albany NY that helps to tell the
story of the program from the perspective of the students at graduation,
with follow-up on graduates as they get ready to embark on their job


You Tube Statler Video can be found here
AZ_qbTogat3GteQ> .


Thanks to quality narration and interviews with several of the program
graduates, the production is easy to follow for visually impaired people
as well. Listening to the people in the video, it is clear that the
experience of the Statler Center training made a difference in the lives
of these students, as we've been doing since 1999. To make it as easy to
find as possible, the video will be available on our web site, on the
Statler Center's Facebook page and via Statler's Twitter feed.


The last part of the new video gives updates on the placement of several
of the graduates from that last class to graduate from the program.
After all, everyone likes a happy ending!


Kentucky Sound Prints radio show offers Statler recruiting overview

A meeting with members of the Kentucky Council of the Blind in February
was recently featured on the Kentucky Council of the Blind's "Sound
Prints" radio program, airing on stations across Kentucky and available
on the organization's web site.  In the interview, Patrick Keyes,
Statler's admissions coordinator, talked about the program and how
Statler Center can make a difference for the blind and visually


You Tube Sound Prints interview can be found here
<http://youtu.be/Eu30tOyazwo> .


Graduate Notes:


A few weeks ago, Kevin M. called to let us know of his 10-year
anniversary at his job at Hotel Albany, and that he's very grateful for
these 10 years. Kevin is our longest-working graduate.


Last month, Mark R. sent us a note at the end of his first week in
customer service at Proctors Theater. "I can't tell you how much I enjoy
going to this job (even with the 50 minute bus ride). Thanks to all of
you at The Statler Center for getting me on this path!"


2013 Statler and STEC Training Calendar


Statler Hospitality Training Program                     

Buffalo, NY   --      May 1  - July 11, 2013           



STEC Customer Service & Contact Center Program                     

Buffalo, NY   --      May 23  - July 11, 2013           


Now is the time to enroll for next classes
Interest is growing for the openings in the upcoming Statler Center
classes for both Hospitality training and the STEC programs, starting on
May 1 and May 23, respectively.  If you know of anyone who would be able
to take advantage of our unique training program, this is the time to
have them contact us.

Go to "How to Apply for Enrollment" at www.StatlerCenter.org
<http://www.StatlerCenter.org>  or contact Pat Keyes at 716-888-4526 or 
PKeyes at StatlerCenter.org <mailto:PKeyes at StatlerCenter.org> 



Disabled Veterans Eligible for Statler Training 
The National Statler Center has been approved by the United States
Department of Veterans Affairs to provide employment training and
placement services for disabled. With full support from Veterans
Affairs, Statler encourages all disabled veterans to contact Jeff at
Statler to discuss enrollment. 
Reach Mr. Hirschfelt at 716-888-4631 or jhirschfelt at StatlerCenter.org 
And please spread this word to the disabled veterans you know.




Support for Statler comes through ACCES-VR, Arlene Reuss Memorial Trust,
August Galasso Foundation, Balbach Foundation, Bannerot-Lappe
Foundation, The Bauer Family Foundation, CBVH, The Hearst Foundation,
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, The Henry Niles Foundation, Herb and Aaron
Siegel Family Foundation, Lavelle Fund for the Blind, May and Stanley
Smith Charitable Foundation, Reader's Digest Partners for Sight
Foundation, The Statler Foundation.


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