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I honestly feel that it is better to just go up to each booth and ask what it is.  If you travel with a white cane the employers will understand.  This is what I have done at the Job Fairs I have attended.  By a comment that was made to me at one of them, I got the impression the employer didn’t even realize I was blind after I asked what booth it was and using my white cane.  It is more impressive to employers if you show that you are a competant blind person who can navigate the job fair independently than to have someone with you.  I have also found job fairs fairly easy to navigate.  The tables are set up in rows so you can easily move from one booth right to the next.  I haven’t had a problem navigating at all.  Though you could certainly have someone help you if you feel more comfortable with that.  Not many employers will hand you an application at the fair itself.  They will either take your resume and say we’ll get back to you later or they will tell you to apply on the company website.  To my disappointment, some organizations show up at job fairs more to pass out information and advertise the company rather than to look for employees.  You’ll find a lot of staffing agencies and organizations to help you find a job.  Of the five or six job fairs I have been to here in the Twin Cities, it is the same companies every time.  It is kind of strange but it seems to be the same companies showing up at every job fair I have been to.  Hope this was helpful, good luck.


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Hi all,
The community college that I am attending is having a job fair next week. I have never really attended a job fair, so I was wondering if anyone here has any tips on navigating a job fair? There will be 60 or 70 different employers there, so it will probably be a large job fair. The good thing is that the college provided a spread sheet on the employers and job positions, but it does not discuss how things will be laid out. Will it look bad to potential employers if you have help navigating around the job fair, such as someone who walks with you and just reads out the signs and tells you what is where, or is it better to do that independently, even though you will not know which booth or table is which? I am usually a very independent person that does just about everything on my own, but this is something new for me, and I don't want to look bad or awkward to employers while moving around the job fair. Also, I do not know if it would turn employers away if I go to each table and ask which company it is. Also, if you had to fill out any applications there on the spot, how did you manage that? Have any of you had any success with job fairs, and what did you find that worked for you? 
Any tips or experiences will be appreciated. 
Thank you, 

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