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Hi Misty and others, 

In my job seeking days, I have gone to job fairs as small as 20
employers and big as 200 employers. 

In those days, we did not have the benefit of knowing who will be there
and what kinds of job positions were available. I just used to go and
get some sensible person to give me a layout of the space. Since you
have a list of employers and the jobs, you could select the ones you
want to visit and go asking for them. It is fine if you ask one table or
more to find the one you are looking for. You are displaying your
navigation skills and travel skills. In this process you may find an
employer who want to talk with you. 

I hope you use some of these tips and good luck in your job search. 

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Hi all,

The community college that I am attending is having a job fair next
week. I have never really attended a job fair, so I was wondering if
anyone here has any tips on navigating a job fair? There will be 60 or
70 different employers there, so it will probably be a large job fair.
The good thing is that the college provided a spread sheet on the
employers and job positions, but it does not discuss how things will be
laid out. Will it look bad to potential employers if you have help
navigating around the job fair, such as someone who walks with you and
just reads out the signs and tells you what is where, or is it better to
do that independently, even though you will not know which booth or
table is which? I am usually a very independent person that does just
about everything on my own, but this is something new for me, and I
don't want to look bad or awkward to employers while moving around the
job fair. Also, I do not know if it would turn employers away if I go to
each table and ask which company it is. Also, if you had to fill out any
applications there on the spot, how did you manage that? Have any of you
had any success with job fairs, and what did you find that worked for

Any tips or experiences will be appreciated. 

Thank you, 


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