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Hey!  This is a great job in a beautiful state at a decent salary.  The applicant pool to date is quite small, although we sent it to all the nat'l disability places including ACCSES, ANCOR, AAIDD, NADDSD, ADDS, Disability Scoop, and other places.  Please help me get the word out that this job is wide open for the right candidate.  There appear to be no applicants coming from within the association and no odds-on favorites AT ALL.  The membership is wonderful, the budget is sound, the staff are terrific, and there's no sales tax in Oregon (which is actually a minus).
Thank you.  It is fine with me to send the job notice out again with the above message.
The Oregon Rehabilitation Association (ORA) a statewide trade association of nonprofits providing services to persons with disabilities is seeking an Executive Director.  Position based in Salem Oregon. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to work with member agencies, State officials, Legislators, and other allied partners to advance leadership of the Association; proactively shape the future of the human services delivery system (especially IDD); build resources, tools, and methods to enable members to achieve success; and ensure the long-term viability of the Association.  Demonstrated leadership, public policy/advocacy, public speaking, written communication, collaboration, and relationship-building skills are essential.  Requires BA/BS, prefer Master level work.  Minimum 5 years previous experience in a health/human services agency, trade association, and working with a Board preferred.  A resume with chronological work, salary and benefit compensation history is required.  Salary range 90K-125K doe, plus benefit package. Position to start 7/1/12.  Send resumes to mgordon at oregonrehabilitation.org<mailto:mgordon at oregonrehabilitation.org>
Tim Kral, Executive Director, Oregon Rehabilitation Association
tkral at oregonrehabiltation.org<mailto:tkral at oregonrehabiltation.org>, 503 585 3337  F 503 585 3722
1655 25th SE, Salem, Or 97302
Voted Best Small Nonprofit, Oregon Business Magazine, 2009

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