[Jobs] Career/job search questions

Philip S philso1003 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 17:46:18 CDT 2013

Hi group,

I'm going to organize a career and entrepreneurship workshop series that
is specifically for blind and visually impaired people. I'd like the
workshops to address SPECIFIC questions, concerns, and issues that
people have, and provide PRACTICAL advice. What are some questions you
think it should cover? What are some common challenges and questions
that people have?

For example, below are some of the questions I have gathered from
jobseekers. What other questions can you think of?

1) Can I do it? How do I do the job if I can't see?
2) How do I convince employer that I can do the job?
3) Should I, when should I, how should I, and what should I disclose
and discuss my disability?
4) How do I travel to the workplace?
5) How do I succeed at meeting people at a networking event given my blindness?

What other questions can you think of?  If you could give a bullet
laundry list of such questions and concerns I'd much appreciate it!



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