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Colleague, you and/or your networks may know of qualified and interested individuals.

Program Manager

Department of Rehabilitation

Older Individuals who are Blind

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is recruiting for the Program Manager to administer the Older Individuals who are Blind (OIB) program providing Title VII, Chapter 2 funds to private, non-profit community based agencies that provide independent living services to blind and visually impaired individuals age 55 and older.  The Program Manager oversees the grant management of 17 grants to ensure efficient and effective service delivery of core services for unserved and underserved older blind and visually impaired populations.  The Program Manager also provides specialized technical consultation and assistance to the Specialized Services Division on blindness related issues including, but not limited to: review and development of policies and procedures impacting services to the blind and visually impaired population; consultation on blindness and related issues; analysis of existing and proposed legislation, and other special projects or assignments.

The Program Manager reports to the Deputy Director of the Specialized Services Division (SSD) in the DOR.  The DOR works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities.

Essential information

  *   The position classification is Rehabilitation Administrator I (RA I) (Specialist) with a monthly base salary range of $4589.00 - $6021.00.  The description for the RA I Specialist classification is available at:


*       The incumbent will be hired using the RA I (Specialist) or Staff Services Manager I (SSM I) eligible lists.

Incumbent hired off the SSM I list will be appointed to the RA I (Specialist) classification.  The SSM I minimum qualifications include three years of increasingly responsible analytical experience in the fields of management, personnel, fiscal, planning, program evaluation, or other related analytical experience.  In addition, a college degree is required.  While not a requirement for the SSM I exam, the Program Manager position requires demonstrated experience and sensitivity in working with persons who are blind or visually impaired.

  *   Those who are not already working in state government at the SSM I level must be on the SSM I eligibility list or take the SSM I examination at:


*       A Training and Development (T&D) position may be considered for candidates who do not have RA I or SSM I list eligibility.

Interested candidates must submit a State of California application, resume and, if applicable, evidence of their RA I or SSM I list eligibility.  The state application, along with instructions, is available online at: http://jobs.ca.gov/profile/stateapplication

This position will be open until filled; however, the DOR anticipates screening of candidates to begin April 29, 2013; therefore you are encouraged to submit your application package before screening commences.  Final hire will be subject to the state's hiring conditions.

Applications are to be submitted to:

Department of Rehabilitation
Specialized Services Division
Attn: Adrian Weatherspoon
721 Capitol Mall
Sacramento CA 95814

Included with this announcement are additional materials related to the position for review and preparation as follows:
A1:OIB Program Manager Duty Statement
A2: OIB Fact Sheet
A3: DOR Fact Sheet
A4: SSD Desired Competencies

Questions about the position and announcement may be directed to Adrian Weatherspoon at (916) 558-5815 (V) or adrian.weatherspoon at dor.ca.gov<mailto:JDooley at dor.ca.gov>.

<<A1 OIB Program Manager (Rehabilitation Administrator I Specialist) Duty Statement.docx>> <<A2 OIB Fact Sheet.docx>> <<A3 DOR Fact Sheet (RTF).docx>> <<A4 SSD Desired Competencies 2-2013.docx>>
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