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SteveIf I were in your situation I think I  would continue pursuing the type
of  jobs you have had because

1.	You must have fantastic references.
2.	You know this area well
3.	You have performed these jobs effectively.
4.	You have demonstrated to yourself that you can efficiently perform
these jobs. 


Times change and businesses change and one can loose a job for a number of
reasons. That happens to blind and sighted employees alike.

You might need to relocate or perhaps not depending on jobs availability in
your area and or family factors that would make a major move unrealistic.


You also might Go to Employment Development Department  or ask your
rehabilitation counselor to have you assessed to see where your interests

If it is discovered you are more geared to jobs in some other field then you
can decide if you have the time to invest in retraining or if you want to
stay going the direction your previous employers have taken you.

Now might be an excellent time to be assessed.

Your jaws skills will be easily transferrable to a number of jobs.

Mike P



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This is steve in Virginia and I have a question for everyone.  I have held
banking positions with a large mortgage company and one with a large credit
card company  and I just lost a job working in the auto business working
internet sales.  What sorts of positions do any of you recommend for totally
blind people who are good J.A.W.S. users with good customer service skills?
I thought I made good choices in the past and maybe I did and maybe I
didn't!  I am forty-nine years old and determined to work again, but I don't
know how much more I can give to pursueing another job if I am only setting
myself up for another employer disaster.  I try to not over-promise and try
to over-deliver, but maybe I should under-promise and try to over deliver.
I may not be young, but I know I'm not too old to work a long-term job.  I
would appreciate hearing  what sorts of jobs/positions other blind people do
and recommend for me and others.


Thank you, Steve

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