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The wolf hank.smith966 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 21:21:49 UTC 2018

Hello dave

thank you for the tip on putting

Disabled in the search terms when looking for work.

I haven't tried that but will give that a wirl


On 8/2/2018 2:13 PM, Dave via Jobs wrote:
> Hello Steve,
> Sorry to hear you lost your job.  Never a Fun thing, unless you've been
> thinking of moving on, and they just happened to let you go before you
> could choose to quit on your own.
> right now, there are a lot of Jobs.  Way more today than just a couple
> of years ago.
> My last job was doing Software Tech Support, which I did like, but after
> doing it for more than 20 years, I am just Burned out.  Am so tired of
> cranky Customers unloading before I have a chance to help them.   Let's
> call this inability to deal with Cranks, my problem.  But, the work I am
> looking for today, is for something where I am no longer dealing
> directly with the general public.
> There are lots of "Production Worker" jobs.  Everything from Foods to
> working in some Aerospace Company on some Assembly line.
> Where I live, the starting wage for an Entry Level position is around
> $12 and goes up from there depending on the Company and the work to be
> done.
> Be careful though, as some of this kind of work is Seasonal, or is
> contracted through some kind of Temp Agency, meaning you work for the
> Temp Agency, and not the actual Company where you end up physically
> working.
> At least in my area, it does seem that employers are Begging for workers,
> so the market does have opportunities.
> When doing Searches On Line, I try to include the word "Disabled" along
> with the City, and the Job title.  Amazing how many job listings I've
> found this way.
> Not sure how many are still reading, but for the rest of you, when do
> you choose to inform the HR person, that you are Blind?
> I have done it both ways, telling them up front, or waiting till I show
> up to let them learn on their own.  So far, I prefer to inform them
> ahead of time, but then this doesn't allow you to Sell, them on your
> ability to get around without help, Dress in a way that looks good, and
> that you as a Blind person, do not have anything wrong with you other
> than not being able to see.
> Personally, I also enjoy working with my Hands, and am very Mechanically
> inclined.  Love working with hand tools, taking apart, or fixing stuff.
> Do it all the time around the house.
> currently, I am trying to get myself into a Bicycle Repair Class, but I
> may have been just a bit too late, as the class may be full.  I hope to
> get in, if for nothing else, to expand my skills a bit, and to make some
> contacts with others.
> There isn't much work for Guy's doing Bicycle Repair, but these skills
> can transfer to other kinds of jobs.
> Good Hunting with your search for work,
> Grumpy Dave
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