[Jobs] The Disabled getting paid continued-

Dave dlh007 at centurylink.net
Fri Aug 3 22:39:34 UTC 2018

Hello Karen,

So you believe that everyone should be paid for their Time, rather than for what they produce?  

Depending upon what you do to earn money to live on, getting paid by time is only one of several reasons for payment.  

When I was working at the Sheltered Workshop, mentioned in a earlier post, I was not paid for my time, but for the amount of completed work I had done during the 8 hour shift.  The more completed work, the more I was paid.  

My last job, I was paid for what I knew as well as the amount of work finished.  

few of us are paid by our Time, and even those pad by time, are really paid for the results given, as if you are a lousy Lawyer, and lose Case after Case, the People knocking on your door to hire that lawyer’s time and assistance will diminish down to nothing, which then that lawyer too will have issues paying their Bills and buying Groceries.  

Karen you never fail to tell us that you are a Psycho Therapist, since you probably regularly attempt to help others who are unable to help themselves, I would think you would have a different prospective on what is expected by the majority of  Employers.  But, apparently not.  

And in one of your earlier posts, you attempted to link this Employment question to Racism and Sexism.  Really Karen?  Don’t you get weary of using that argument to derail a conversation?  

This has nothing to do with either one of those things, but it does have everything to do with the Ability of each Employee, to do the job required by an Employer.  

And the subject we are discussing here is what to pay those who are willing to work, but are not able to do an acceptable amount of work each day.  

Your reason for giving everyone at least the same minimum wage, regardless of their ability to produce desired work out put, is because these same people have their own Bills to pay and Groceries to buy.    Karen, I would laugh, but you are serious when you say this since you mentioned it twice.  

I would think a Psycho Therapist would know more than most that there are some in the population that are incapable of taking care of themselves.  

And the young man I mentioned in an earlier post was one of these people.  He was about 21 or 22 years old, but had the mind of a 6 year old.  His attention span was very short, as he was constantly being told by the floor supervisor to get back to work.  

And yet you would probably be supportive of legislation that would require all employers to pay someone like this what ever the minimum wage is in their area.  

Most employers are not operating Houses of Charity, but they run Companies that produce a product, and the population then chooses to buy this product.  

The Owner is very interested in the Bottom Line, as without profit, the Company will fail to pay its supplyers as well as its employees.  And the owner may not be able to pay for that nice home on the lake, or fill the pantry with food.  

Karen, what you want is the Garden of Eden, or some kind of Utopia where everyone has what they need, and are taken care of in a comfortable fashion.  

Guess what, the Garden of Eden is long gone, and if it does exist, none of us would be allowed to enter.  And the last place I know of where Socialism came in to solve the People’s problems was Venezuela, and  due to the Nature of Man, that latest attempt to create the Workers Paradise is now in Flames, and the population is leaving the country in droves.  

How about we bring this conversation back to how it started, and perhaps come up with a solution that works for the Employer and still protects the employee from abuses?  

Grumpy Dave

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