[Jobs] It's time for people with disabilities to get paid their fair share.

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Sat Aug 4 05:48:39 UTC 2018

I can see your point Karen as someone who is a believer and someone being as independent as possible and has us both social work and special education credits to my name. He does have a good point however. I’m not a big fan of sheltered workshops, believe me. But there are people who are living in group homes and do not have the same bills we do. The money they receive mostly comes from SSI and they get a “allowance“ that they can spend. Yes we are talking about adults here. Then there are people who are in supported housing which is an apartment that caters to many times the elderly and more able cognitively challenged. They still have a caregiver comes in and helps but it’s not like they are not given some independence. They do pay for their own food and clothing for example. But they do not buy their groceries alone or go to their doctors appointments independently probably it all depends on the person.

As much as I would like to believe every disabled person what are blind or not can live independently, I know that this is not true. Not every person with mental health issues is able to live independently either. It all depends on severity
For some it also depends on whether they want to be independent and follow their medication plans. This could happen with everybody, my alcoholic/schizophrenic cousin would be gainfully employed and off the stuff because he’s gotten treatment. In honesty we would like to see him in prison so he learns that hitting his 66-year-old aunt because she won’t take him to a bar is not appropriate behavior for a 38-year-old.

Ericka Short
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