[Jobs] Recruitment for Vision Impaired Paid Studies

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To anyone who may be interested…

I could access the form through chrome or IE. When I got the form and started to put in the info JAWS froze when I went forward and when I went back to correct something.

Such is my technological life.

I am using JAWS 2016


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I am running JAWS 2018 July update on Windows 10 Pro 64 and had the following results: 


Internet Explorer 11: 

I had some JAWS focus issues, but I was able to complete the form. 


Firefox 47: 

Almost complete accessibility but had a single incident of JAWS losing focus. Once I isolated the problem all was smooth sailing. 


Chrome (latest): 

Full accessibility with no hassles whatsoever. I completed the form using keyboard commands and finished in about 2 minutes. 


Safari on iPhone: 

Too lazy to pick up my iPhone and check. 



Didn’t bother—I have enough headaches with Windows. 


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My name is Kay and I work for a company that specializes in software testing.  We are currently recruiting vision impaired US participants for some paid usability studies for one of our clients. We are specifically looking for individuals who are vision impaired, live in the United States and have a good understanding of computers and have used computer applications of various types.  The studies will be conducted by us and will take 2-3 hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the form below.



Thank you,

Kay Strickland 



KAY STRICKLAND • Test Engineer • Applause • kstrickland at applausemail.com <mailto:kstrickland at applausemail.com>  * sk: kstrickland 

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