[Jobs] Reading 70 pages of employee intake material question

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Perfect example of some jobs not being a good fit for a blind person. 

You can probably execute this job using the tools you specified, but if it
takes you 5 times longer and costs 3 times the amount to do this job, is it
really a good fit between you and this job? 

Hopefully the original paperwork will be in some sort of accessible digital
format such as PDF, Word, HTML, Excel, rtf, etc.. You can then use the
respective application's search feature to quickly find a keyword which
contains the desired information. Ask in advance how the information has
been compiled. For example, ask if they are using a proprietary database to
query for such information. 

By the way, it's going to be very awkward to tell patients, callers, or
individuals in front of you that you're not talking to them, you're talking
to a sighted person someone across the globe whom is reading their paperwork
to you. The ideal work environment is that they have no clue you're a blind

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Good Morning:

I have a job interview later this week, one of the requirements of the job
is to sift through up to 70 pages of a nurses employee file. The purpose of
this duty is to verify that the employee file is complete, and to check the
expiration date of their TB and CPR certifications. I do not yet know if
there is any handwriting on the materials but suspect that there is. I have
in mind to use Seeing AI, KNFB Reader, and or Aira. Any recommendations ?  I
am concerned that the Seeing AI and KNFB Reader App will be both too slow
and somewhat inacqurate. I'm also concerned that using Aira will not be an
option due to HIPA gidelines. Any feedback is welcome.


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