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Hello Everyone, 

Well, this certainly started a discussion!  I am sorry if some of you were offended by my original post.   Perhaps I should have held off on the details, but I wanted everyone to see that employers are people too, and how failing to show up affects them.  And yes, I was trying to reach the individual, whose name I will never know because of laws related to confidentiality.

I don’t know how many of you read the original email, as some of you may have just been reacting to the new messages in the string, but as you can see, the employer bent over backward and made all sorts of arrangements.  When the individual failed to show up, they put a lot of time into tracking him down to find out what was going on.  They were genuinely worried that something happened to him.

Lots of blind people tell me they want jobs.  I work for many hours on an unpaid basis to encourage employers to hire blind people.  When people behave like this, they shoot other blind people in the foot.  Is that fair, considering that when sighted people fail, it doesn’t affect the sighted population at all?  Nope, but that is the way it is when you are a member of a disability group.  

So let us put this one to rest.  It looks like every point of view has been covered.  Glad you are all so alert to what gets posted on this list.  We are considering other alternatives for employer postings, but I am not empowered to discuss them with you just yet.  

Oh, one reminder.  Dave Andrews has periodically noted that when you respond to a post, it’s not a bad idea to delete the previous responses, so people can focus on what you have to say personally.  Just a thought.  

Dick Davis 

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Agreed, he does not owe them anything, but, in the context in which the job was presented, his actions will do damage to those behind him.  if you’d been offered a job on your own, and you do that, then it’s just your rep that is affected.  But, if you are associated with a group, or network, or you are using its resources, especially in a public venue, your actions can affect others.  That goes for any group.  I don’t know a successful body of individuals that are good with unprofessionalism which damages their reputation. If you are out there on your own, feel free to be as unprofessional as you want.  However, when you are a part of an organization, especially one full of minorities, and the Blind are minorities make no bones about that, it is imperative that you not do damage to the folks who may be coming behind you especially in a public forum where employers, you know, those folks that hire people, can see.

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First of all there is no law that says he had to let them know anything and what if he had no time to let them know because most jobs when you get hired want you at work.  If this is a poor view on the blind as a whole, then I am glad I just live my life and do not worry about the blind as a whole.  This would not even be an issue if he had of been sighted.  The company would have just went on with its hiring process and called another person.  If jobs were accessible like they should be anyway then this would not even be talked about.  If this company is dumb enough to decide that all blind people are going to do this same thing then I would not want to work at this company anyway because I personally like to be treated like an individual and not compared to everybody else.  Yes, I agree it would have looked more professional, but in my opinion he does not owe anyone anything and why would he say he is sorry because he most likely is not sorry?  I don’t believe in just saying you are sorry because the NFB or anyone else says you should.  You do not use those words if you do not mean them.  If you do, then I am sorry becomes just words.  The person should do what they think they should do and if saying they are sorry is warranted for them then they should do it, but if not then I wish them luck at whatever job they have chosen to take.  Based on those descriptions of that job maybe the person figured it was going to be more trouble than it was worth after getting prevetted so they took the other job.  We do not know the person’s side.  We just know what the company shared with the NFB.  In other words, the story is one sided.  I personally would like to hear the person’s side that took the other job without letting the company know they were doing so.

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Honestly, I don't think it matters why this individual didn't show.  In my opinion, there is absolutely no excuse for conducting yourself in that manner.  I'm embarrassed for this individual and I had nothing to do with the situation.  I completely agree with Dick on this...it is unfortunately a poor reflection on the blind community.  If we want to gain ground in the area of employment for the blind, we can't be treating employers in this manner.  Blind or not....it is unprofessional and disrespectful...regardless of their "excuse".  
To Carli (if you are reading).....I'm sorry you were treated in this manner.  Please know that many of us would never think of conducting ourselves in this way.  
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Well, calling someone out publicly to shame him/her is also a bit unethical. 
The following is also unprofessional since the person states she did not speak directly to the person and therefore may not really know why the individual did not show: 
“Low and behold, after getting ahold of one of his personal references from his application, we were informed that he “could not believe that he would not have the common courtesy to inform us that he accepted a job elsewhere.””
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Dear Members of the Jobs and Rehab Listservs,
I wanted to share with all of you this note that I received from Carli Metze of Keystone, one of the employers that attended our 2017 Job Fair.  Please read it.  They went to a lot of effort to provide an employment opportunity for an individual who just never showed up because he got a different job.  
What a bum thing to do!  When anyone treats an employer this way, they make us all look bad. Blind people have a difficult enough time getting jobs without this.
On behalf of the NFB, I want to apologize to Karli, Christina, and Keystone for the way they were treated.  And if you are still on this list, individual who treated them this way, time to apologize! 
Dick Davis, Chair
NFB Employment Committee
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From: Carli Metze
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To: Dick Davis
Cc: Cristina Hittle
Subject: Employer Frustration....
Importance: High
Good afternoon, Dick!
I wanted to reach out to you on behalf of our organization. 
As you know, Keystone has career opportunities at this time under a Federal Contract to staff a mailroom contract in Western, PA. The application process in itself is quite lengthy and invasive as it requires the applicant to not only undergo a State Criminal background check, credit check and drug testing, but also a Federal Background investigation. The federal background check is what is called an “SF86” which is a lengthy 137 page document that dives into the applicants life history including address history, education, employment, military histories, marital status history, a list of individuals to verify each portion of the information provided, relatives, foreign contacts, psychological & emotional health, police record, financial record, technology usage, non-criminal actions and terroristic associations, to name a few items on the check.
We offer each candidate an opportunity to come tour our facilities, meet staff and employees, provide relocation assistance, transportation assistance, and many other options.
The purpose of my email is to bring to your attention that we recently had an applicant get through the pre-vetting portion of our hiring process, who showed extreme interest in the position. So much interest, that he planned a week-long tour here in Pennsylvania. It takes our entire agency working together to plan a site-tour, as there are many people involved, and different strategies set in place to make this a smooth operation for an individual to come and meet with us to ensure this opportunity is the best fit for them. The applicant had laid out full details of his visit with us, and we prepared the extensive tour for him. He was to arrive in Pennsylvania on Sunday, August 5th. He told us which hotel he would be staying at, and that he would be bringing a friend with him. 
Come Monday morning, I had not heard from the applicant at all. I began to worry. I called his phone number and left several messages, we called the hotel he was to be staying at. The hotel informed us that there was no one there by that name, nor was there a reservation made in that name. Our agency began to panic, thinking something was wrong, or something terrible happened. 
Low and behold, after getting ahold of one of his personal references from his application, we were informed that he “could not believe that he would not have the common courtesy to inform us that he accepted a job elsewhere.” 
I guess I wanted to share the frustration with you on how hard we work as an agency for one individual to obtain employment here under this federal contract, and that this applicant did not have the decency to even return a call or email to let us know he was no longer interested. It is very disheartening to go through such a tedious process, to get left in the dust with no inclination of his decision.
I hope this doesn’t happen to other employers or agencies, although I am sure it does. If this was a simple hiring process, I don’t think we would mind so much. But considering we go above and beyond for everyone we come into contact with- it was a hard blow. I am not sure if this individual is a part of the NFB Job site or not….
Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. 

Carli Metze
Human Resources Assistant 
3056 East State Street
Hermitage, Pennsylvania 16148
E| cmetze at keystoneblind.org    W| www.keystoneblind.org
P| 724.347.5501 x.229   F|724.347.5060
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