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Michael Peterson itsmike2011 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 02:35:13 UTC 2018

Jim without knowing what kind of emails normally are shared between Carli
and Dick you are making an assumption that can not be supported. 
How do you know employers depending on the relationship they have do not
express dissatisfaction concerning a student at a college job fair.
Just because you are unaware of private conversations doesn't mean they
don't happen.

If we learned nothing else from the Russian collusion scandal we found out
that FBI agents have very strong opinions which they privately do express to
one another. We won't discuss the ethics here or whether someone should have
expunged themselves from the investigation. I brought them up to illustrate
in todays world where news can go around the world in a matter of seconds we
are privy to lots of private conversations that years ago we might never
have heard about.  What is ethical or not will be up to this generation to
decide if they choose.

Similarly like people of high rank in government intelligence  Employers and
friendly contacts who exchange information for the purpose of securing jobs
for this or that group probably do discuss some dynamic cases.
Both the employer and the advocacy organization want to see a mutual
interest and need met. The employer wants to hire people in the said group
and the advocate who represents job candidates wants to see them get hired.
It's normal when problems arise or there is a bug in the ointment for them
to encourage and or console one another if it contributes to the mutual
good. The job candidates also benefit when the developer and the advocate
have a close rather than a mechanical business like relationship. Think
about call center representatives lots of them listen to a lot more venting
than they might like from distressed or disgusted customers. Often those who
will listen and encourage and try to help are the call center superstars!

Your other points are important but looking at the large amount of responses
I've made to day I probably should deactivate my twitter-like fingers. Who
knows if a job doesn't come soon I might need to run for president or
Have a great night.
Mike P.

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Wow, this topic has some serious staying power with digest after digest of
nothing but...

Let me throw my 2 cents in:
1. The employee is wrong for ditching the interview with no contact; I had
an appointment with a contractor last week and I got stood up with a no
call/no show, so I know how annoying it cam be; but guess what? I won't use
that contractor again, and I suspect neither will this employer use the
no-show employee. Natural consequences.

2. the employer is wrong for emailing the NFB as if the organization has
some sort of control/jurisdiction/responsibility for this individual. What
is the purpose of the letter other than to vent? Does this person expect
Dick to do something about this? Is the employer not going to participate in
the job fair if it happens again? I Don't think so.  So, if this letter
serves no purpose why write it?  It is well-known that turnover is expensive
and a real chore to deal with (an employer can expect to spend anywhere from
an equivalent of 3-6 months of wages on all aspects of the hiring/training
process per turnover). Recruiting (and this type of no-show situation) is
part of the cost of doing business;  and lets not forget this person's job
title is human resource assistant...this is what she gets paid for and why
her department exist; While not pleasant, this is part of the job and I
don't see other HR people writing this type of letter to job fair host when
canadates no-show the interview. Is this person really complaining about
having to do their job and get paid for it?    Further, I don't see the same
letters being written to college job fairs when their sighted students do
the same thing. Additionally, I know of a blind person who took a job offer,
waited a mont to start work, then took a different job within days of being
scheduled to start the first job. That person is still working in their
chosen field, so while not a smart idea, it is obviously not rare or fatal.

3. Dick is wrong for spreading this person's business all over the list and
demanding a public appoligy under the name of the abstract future blind job
seeker who is theoretically harmed by this. And the NFB doesn't owe this
company an appoligy for this person's behavior any more than I do. Also,
this doesn't impact the blind from future work at this company--based on the
email address of @keystone blind.org, this employer is either some sort of
workshop or at least an employer gaining federal benefits from hiring the
blind/disabled...there will be more blind to follow, and they will continue
to be hired.  Further, if you are looking to hire from a specific group
(men, women, black, disabled, actors, auto mechanics, etc) inevitably there
will be some canadates who are a less than stellar example of that group,
and the one individual there doesn't represent the whole any more than this
one blind candidate does.  And we have a word for persons who believe 1
represents the whole... 

Also, let's not forget this blind candidate at one point in time had
multiple viable job offers in front of him; how many of you can say the
same? You might want to think of that before you continue to judge. Also, if
first contact between employer/employee was NFB convention 2017, and we just
past the 2018 convention and this canadate just barely got past the
pre-vetting stage, how much of this is on the employer or the process? Is
someone really supposed to wait a year between application and start date?
Perhaps this person kept waiting and waiting and eventually had to take
something else? He still should have called and canceled, but even if he
did, all the time and effort would have still been wasted by the employer
and they may still be writing this letter.

And one last thing... something that always bothers me about the blind
perspective is that belief I somehow represent you, and you me. I don't
represent you; pay me and I will but otherwise I live the life I want to
live, and you should do the same. And if you think your life somehow has a
higher purpose because you represent me, it doesn't, so stop; you don't
represent me unless I have asked you to; so worry about you and make the
choices that serve you best because at the end of the day you represent you,
and no one else; and you have to live in the bed you made, not the bed I
made for you.


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