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Your points are all things that every B/VI person needs to get pounded into their heads when looking for work.

If I was an employer looking for people…those who did the small things would definitely be ahead of the rest of the applicants.

The book said “Don’t sweat the small stuff” well we do need to sweat the small stuff as B/VI individuals.

Keep up what you are doing.



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I can’t believe why anyone would be this disrespectful!  He  seriously doesn’t respect employers or understand the give-and-take required to land a job in good standing. I’m working with a job coach from the epilepsy foundation and when I could not attend our meeting Monday because of allergies and a few other things he was grateful that I called right away. I was totally surprised when he said most people wouldn’t be that courteous. I asked him if most of the people he worked with that did that ever got jobs. He admitted that whether they had good skills for the job they were looking for or not they weren’t getting hired because of lack of respect. They weren’t writing thank you notes, they weren’t showing up to job interviews on time or any of those obvious courtesies necessary to show we have social skills. And most of these people he works with are sighted! As the organizations name implies these folks Charlie have seizures. Their lack of respect gives people with epilepsy a bad name just as Dick was pointing out when a blind person treats an employer or possible employer this way. I have a hard time understanding why someone with extra challenges wouldn’t go that extra mile. But then again, I’m old-school and was writing thank you notes for birthday and Christmas presents when I was four.


This better not be the new normal or the disability population will never get ahead of the game


Ericka Short

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