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I think that the NFB should teach seminars at conventions on how one should conduct themselves during a job search even though many of these things are common since.  They say that common since isn’t all that common anymore.  The same can also be said about having good manners.  




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I am glad that Dick shared what he did and I am sure he had permission to share. We have discussed this matter over and over and I think it is time to change topics. Many times we have been reminded that employers do look and see what we write. I think they do not right here because they do not feel comfortable. If you notice, it is other people sending stuff to Dick to post, not usually from the company itself. Dick merely showed this to teach a lesson about how important etiquette, manners and getting a job are  linked. Readers are of all different ages and it is important to share what employers are seeing. This is not just for us to complain but to learn. Take this opportunity rather than just complaining about how the world is or isn’t. We should be asking employers questions directly. I wish they would comment and some of things said in these discussions. I think it would be an eye-opener .


Ericka Short



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