[Jobs] Job Interview Scheduling Tips?

Michael Peterson itsmike2011 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 16:46:30 UTC 2018

	Rhonda the answer is in the question.Work is a contract volunteer is
at your whim or leisure.It's like asking who takes priority my wife or the
girl next door.
In some very special situations volunteer might take priority if you have a
special needed skill and are saving lives because of 9/11 or something then
you might ask the employer to reschedule. If the girl next door had a heart
attack and I'm the nearest person available who knows CPR my wife might have
to postphone the movie we were going to watch or the diner we planned on
having. No answer applies in every casejust about  every rule has an
exception in human affairs it seems.

If you have proven yourself to be a great volunteer I'm sure the supervisor
will gladly reschedule you so you can do your job interview.
If he or she will not, you probably need to talk with his/her supervisor.

Good luck on the interview. Go forth and conquer!

Mike P.

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When scheduling an interview for a job, what should be my priority?  I was
recently asked to schedule an interview, and I had a volunteer appointment
on the day the company asked to schedule it on.  Which of these should come
first?  The volunteer appointment or the job interview?  I'm not completely
sure which of these is more important.

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