[Jobs] Job Interview Scheduling Tips?

Ericka dotwriter1 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 17:57:59 UTC 2018

Before you give the future employer an answer, contact your supervisor at the volunteer position and explain to them that you have a job interview and need that time off but will work an extra shift or something to make up for if it’s possible. I don’t know what your volunteer job is. Maybe you could take someone’s weekend shift. Since this is probably someone home you’ve already asked if they would be a reference for you on job applications they should understand. Volunteer positions generally are temporary and they are generally more supportive and understanding.  Get back to that person at the company you want to work for and tell them you’re working things out. Basically a yes response will get you further than waiting till the last minute. Hiring folks  want someone reliable and respectful. The fact that you’re even thinking about things before you react shows me you are responsible and respectful. Good luck at the interview and I hope next time we see something from you it’s “I’m hired!”

Ericka Short
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