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        glad you got it and hope you enjoy it. its a good radio i enjoyed operating it for the short time i had it.  other than me it was a one owner radio belonged to tim donovan w3clk.  chris 
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  From what I know at my job, 

  CRM is 

  Customer relations management. 

  It is a software to manage the calls coming into the call center. I believe it will depend what kind of software the company is using. 

  Oracle is one big company that makes this kind of software. It will also depend on how oracle is set up. 

  I hope you get the job and have no problems. 





  Yasmin Reyazuddin, Customer Service Representative II

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  Hello, I am in the process of looking for employment, many of the ads mention CRM, usually adding the word dashboard.  Have searched down the definition but now am wondering if a strictly JAWS user would be able to navigate this software without Magic or any other addition.  Any thoughts?  Will tell you that though I'm proficient with JAWS on the internet, I would be considered a dinosaur as far as technically advanced goes.





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