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There may be a program called CRM Dashboard, I am not sure.
Actually, plinking around on the web gave me this definition:

A customer relationship management (CRM) dashboard is an enterprise application (EA) interface used for the monitoring of business and sales opportunities, processes and performance. A CRM dashboard provides real-time business event snapshots, which are used to measure and develop analytics for business reporting.

It looks like Salesforce has a product called CRM_Dashboard, but not positive of that.  Salesforce is one of the big players in this arena, as is Oracle, and Microsoft with its Dynamics products.

I know all have worked on accessibility, recently, but don't know how accessible specific products are.  It is one of those things you just have to try.


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Hello, I am in the process of looking for employment, many of the ads mention CRM, usually adding the word dashboard.  Have searched down the definition but now am wondering if a strictly JAWS user would be able to navigate this software without Magic or any other addition.  Any thoughts?  Will tell you that though I'm proficient with JAWS on the internet, I would be considered a dinosaur as far as technically advanced goes.


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