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Oh you could not get unemployment benefits Every time I have been laid off I have always had six months of unemployment benefits available during which time I could find a new job.

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> Karen,
> I wish that I would have gone to the Karen Rose blind seminar when I found out I was going to be blind for good... LOL!  I have learned so much from other blind people since I have been blind and I have learned so much on my own from the stupid mistakes I have made since I have been blind!  I was proud of myself when I made that stupid brave decision to give up my S.S.D.I. benefits, but I was ashamed and embarrassed when I had $0.00  income for several months after I was part of a job lay-off. I had to sit and wait  and wait for my S.S.D.I. re-instatement and I learned a big lesson the hard way!
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> Just a comment on grocery shopping – grocery shopping has become unnecessary. I have not even been in a grocery store for over four years. Now we have a Amazon and Instacart and Peapod and various other services used by blind and cited alike. There is no need for a human shopper or cited assistant. Simply click through the choices and your grocery store and go to your cart and buy them. They will show up at your door in an hour or two. Karen
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>> Jeremy: 
>> I agree that AIRA is useless for task that everyday blindness skills can
>> accomplish such as crossing a street, grocery shopping, doing laundry, and
>> etc.  create a situation where you pay a lot of money to accomplish tash
>> that can be easily accomplished via traditional blindness methods such as
>> getting a human shopper from the grocery store for free.  In that case, I
>> really question the perspective of the uber-independent blind who would
>> rather use a stranger via camera to shop versus a sighted store employee;
>> just because it feels more independent--even though they are using the same
>> amount of sighted assistance...just through a less efficient lens and
>> processor...Just saying... for some things, old-fashoned blindness
>> techniques will always have a place and be more effective. .
>> But what of those situations where blindness techniques don't work? Suc

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