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 Rob 	You would be surprised what one can buy using Amazon or other
grocery chains even in the most rural places today. It's sometimes more
expensive but if one has the cash provided The US Mail,  UPS FedEx or coming
soon a Drone or driverless truck can show up at your door. 
You won't most of the time get same day delivery but perhaps Next day. Omaha
steaks Schwan's and so on are a few that come to mind and I can't think of
the name but an organic food co-op that delivers everything you can imagine.
The organic store claims they are bringing down prices to match non organic
Mike P
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Unless you're like me and live 20 miles from the nearest grocery store. Then
you have to deal with sighted assistance, like it or not. No such thing as
peapod or anything like that around, in rural Minnesota!

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> Just a comment on grocery shopping  grocery shopping has become
unnecessary. I have not even been in a grocery store for over four years.
Now we have a Amazon and Instacart and Peapod and various other services
used by blind and cited alike. There is no need for a human shopper or cited
assistant. Simply click through the choices and your grocery store and go to
your cart and buy them. They will show up at your door in an hour or two.

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