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Karen that is an interestimg idea. Someone should do more research.  Some states do have independence accounts or something to that effect where they can safely put money away for technology etc. this account is not considered assets by Social Security so it will not affect anything, I believe not even food assistance and other low income benefits. I am not sure if this is a state program, or part of ticket to ride from Social Security and the workforce development offices in  states. I know people here in WI who use this savings account type option. 

I think before we create something to bring as a resolution we need to become more informed as to what’s out there and all the contributors to the problem. Usually in states when you go off SSDI You are also in eligible for medical assistance, food assistance, and pretty much anything else because it’s all income-based or shall we say lack there of. They use Social Security as proof of need for their services.
I think there should be a transition between full employment and social security only income so that people with disabilities are not penalized right away. After all we lose a lot of transit assistance, medical assistance and other services here in Wisconsin abruptly when the income goes over a dollar. Most places in the Madison WI area are not on Transit. We are blessed to have Uber and Lyft, but that can add up when you’re going 30 miles to a job in back. This may be surprising to people, but most of the state of Wisconsin does not have paratransit, Lyft or Uber as options. Most of the time can’t even get from one county to another because there just isn’t any transit. Grayhound type transit links central and southeastern WI. Rest of the state isn’t served. Not even the state colleges have access to private or local transit. Some cab companies won’t even go from county to county. And then there’s Paratransit which barely exists. I pray that the people who write a resolution or not just from metro areas!

Ericka Short
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